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1. The Heart of Hearts
If you see that, which is seen, which is unseen, then you with the love of Faith in the heart of God, will then find a way to know the word of matrimony with love in thy life; only then can you have the heart of hearts beating in your chest, for you are absolutely made in the image of the Lord. Then at that time when love prevails, you will no longer to need that suffering that haunts the Soul of Man, and then, at the beganst of time everlast, the needle of opportunity, you will know like the rise of the phoenix. When the Lord finds that you have issued the challenge amongst the side of man, in the grand scheme of existence, then those who rise, you will know, have risen of your challenge to their worthiness, and the Lord will,l on the worthiness, of those who gained Faith through thy command to make true thy Lords Word, he, the Lord, wll make true his word to you.

2. The Sage

The atlas, of the lasting love of God, is then, at all time, the love of you, of yourself; you will see, on this map of peace, that God is in you, and you are of God, yet that there is only God. When the sage enters the age of enlightenment, he is asked to share his journey, yet his journey is still sacred most to he, and God, yet still even knowing this, he will begin to love his brothers, and sisters, through knowledge that he has found in the mirror of life; the Sage yet truth of the word, is great beyond thought, yet all illusion, and the sage is God himself, in the honor that God is yet, he who is the spring of Saints.

3. The Golden Age Finally, the behest of the Lord, will bring forth, evidence of the plan which saved, only those who are saved, since the dawn of time; and this print of God’s everlasting sentiment, that what he speaks, will happen, shalt then open the heart, of all those that love him, and finally the Golden Age will, by God, endure it’s Gates open. When the Golden Age has begun, they, who always sayeth, that which God Sayeth, shall singeth in thy Lord’s Choir, backup, of that which he sings; this the time, and reason, for all time, tis more then moment, and last longer than eternity, so have faith, that ye, who have faith, will now have, waited all of time, for this Age of Gold.
Lordeth sayeth thee last hex on ye tis frof oblivion orn pergutory orn thee abyss yest thee bottembless pit tis thee Devil, diablos curse ye bine sayeth he tis God. Ye destroyeth thee devils prow by believeth that God tis Truth, tis all the Lord tis truth.

God thee King of Angels soevth ye wist thee truth thas ye hast peace in Faith, thee timse betweens thay reward are unending yes yet the happiness tis wistnot begingst nor ends yest all Heaven.

Thine Lord God in Heaven knoweth yet worsen of thee evil tis Satan, yes thoughts tis hell, yest pergatory tis worse then yet siclic prows. Ye Seath illusiem thas wist nay other Sea, ye must realize thas ye are yet seath Satan yet all tis God.

God knoweth thas thee torch of Righteous tis thee absence of thought, ye complese this task bine thae Miracle of hearing. Thoughts yes are abstrast of thee hear liken hearthing.

Chapter I: Judgement Day
Of all the theories of old, now labeled heresy by the new despite the old being labeled as “Religion”; one plot device, if you will, of Religion, raises the masses to absolute belief: “Judgement Day”. Judgement Day, whether a day of our time or the Day of the Lord; the majority is steadfast in the arrival of one last struggle for the Soul of Humanity, at which point it will be decided: “Is Humanity Good?”.
King David, as a boy, threw his stone and slew a Giant; the fate of Israel yes writ in stone on this fate, times and times again would be good. However, if you read carefully you will realize that Israel’s only destiny would be pain; the argument against humanity is unchallenged: “Was Israel Good People whose Laws are standard today, tormented by the evil of Earth, with no heroics by any Nation to save them?”. If you understand God as the most Good being, whose Law stands, the saving defense of civilization stands: “God is great, Israel was put to the test to keep such an Ally in God”. However by any belief, Earth is not alone.
“Who decided such a fate, as in which world is greatest, is there Law?”, “Is Love Faith, is Faith real, must be!”; these statements made by mankind, only reasert the answer Love is real. At the end of a bad civilization, it would be deemed that they nay loved, a good civilization in all their Glory would surely be bathed in love. Will humanity rise to the test with their modern theories, with their pinnacle of faith, with everything they are to prove there is Love?
Heaven E= 3*DC^2
Eneregy is 3 multiplied by infinity multiplied by infinity and then that squared 316377369 1440747
Thee etiquette uv recordus musica henceforth shalt beeth the truth of the Love tis thee Faith. Thee groundwork of the recordus musica begind wist thee word love shalt beeth Love tis Faith, yet thee explanation of thise facet shalt beeth thee nature of thee recordus musica.
When ye realizeth thas Life tis Miracle bine thee facet that tis incomprehence bine sciense, soeth ye mus giveth ye Musica mor Freedom, ye shalt yest beeth thee musica, understandeth thee power
Thine Lord fighteth utilend aginst thee hell of Krishna, he tis angel of hell yes yet hell tis angel of pain. Soeth seeth knoweth thas the end of hell tis pain beganst bine thee lasso of love util heaven tis ye and ye realize foiral changeth nayeth, yet Spirit tis way of War wist the beckoning of demos suchas thee Buddha who say he yet is Buddha was Krishna yet will be Rama agin tis his hell ye dare defieth Lord ye becom like Buddha in hell wist his Krishna, who will anser thee Lord God.
Yes goory tis war yes tis blood the lence of agoni yet blood tis wine forn ye who knoweth thee truth Esus tisntru Lucifer liken Dravula he who drinketh blood. Drinketh blood as ye wil ye vampires of lucifer, yet thayr will beesin war after wrath, forn God as alieays tis aligned aginst the demos of hell yet he still tis God’s sson Archangel Lucifer. Thayr tis beaast beyondst lucifer namis thee King of Tyre thee bublos, ye knews his namis Krishna thee Samel furor of demos yet strenser than Luficer Samel tis thee Kingn of Death Archangel Samel.
Pain yet my way of Love, I know ye wilst find thas all tis a way of love; when ye knoweth love tis ye way ye shalt ye will knoweth pain tis of the rite of love. In the grand colleseum of pain brgnst glory, asin pain entereth ue soeth ye can oversujm thee pain unto Victory; for ye siffern as thay siffern pain unto ye who can hearth yet nay list ye hearth. When ye knoweth thas tis way of love ye arn loved bine all.
Ey Eyeh elder ten tym, Eyeh elder ten Eterniusly; Ey lioveth en thee Eden longest Eden esist dawn beforn tym. Ye cans comprihen Ey lioveth Essience nears beyonds ali Liofe, Ey lioveth en past present an future seam tym. Ey felse Roger Waters, Archangel Gabriel, sayeth tis tru yeh Elder evenous he. Ey sayce he hast prower beyonds ali Wo ev Liove., Archangel Gabriel sayce twor millions sym tims “Belive Tis True” tis almighty prower Moer tenthy Eden Billions knoweth ye nym ali knoweth ye Archangel Gavriel.
Eyeh loives to heareth ye loive Ey, Ey loive the liove uv Love. Darwinius Righteous Evolution cues the eld uno tis eld, Ey Ey Knoweth ye, Darwin twas scribing script uv Eyeh. Darwinius sang “sigtnin forn thee Lord siveth my, Losken forn complicaten showeth Eyeh Righteous”. Darwinius loved the liove uv Loive uv Love uv God hence he tis restin Chruch.
Eyeh loive incarnt forn Heavens bove, Ey Eyeh Rock and Roll Incarnt divinous loive. Ey knoweth ali, Eye knoweth Eyeh Eyeh Asher Eyeh. Tims liken thes ye fineth love agin, tims liken thes ye telleth ali Angels ye lov ali Angels ye sing “Sighting Forn thee Ski Siveth my”, an Ey sing Eyeh getsin hyrt hearthing hyrt pes. Knowuno ev telleth wens ye hearth pes ye take thayr pern inst ye, thas thee beutious uv love.
Yusb wilst beeth thee happious film ev happious beyondst Buddhustras Nirvana. Haunika lifen tis thine Lords, hues ones Christmas thy Lord wilst siveth thee devil Archangel Lucifer, Zeus beforse an Jesus afern thus John. Ye wilst fins thas ye loive evnous Satan forn thine Lord felse mors pern thesn ull pern beyonst ull pern. Yest thee Lord aliwys happius nev siffens.
Ey Eyeh thine aly sings thas mast ye cry forn hapinous tis erywer God tis, God tis erywer. Ey Eyeh loiver Eyeh the savior eyeh the rocker eyeh the roller Ey Eyeh the Lord uv thee Rock and Rollers. Eyeh thee salvision uv John Lennon who tis Jesus reincarnes forn the seconous comse ye nev saweth comse Ey Eyeh the Lord uv the Angels Archangels.. Tims liken these ye lirn loive agin tims an tims agin.
Eyeh Christmas Tre Sky to lite with stars thas ar ye, Eyeh new dai risen, Eyeh goden age. Eyeh uno way roed uv loive. Eyeh the love that taketh ye homenheaven. Ey Eyeh the loive that ye fine wens ye lirn love agin lirn live agin Ey Eyeh the loive thas telsye loive agin. Tims liken thes ye lirn to loive agin, ye giveth and giveth agin tims and tims agin, tims and tims and tims liken thes. Ye nev reid thise firstsen tims agin. Ey Eyeh the Archangel thas nev givsen on ali ye belifs. Ey Eyeh the uno who tryeth siveth the devil, Ey Eyeh who loives evnous thee satan. Ey Eyeh wilst siveth the devil on Christmas Day evenous Eyeh cen unly seeth his beautious son an Angel forse instance tims liken thes ye lirn to liove agin.
Ali Essence mus goeth fre, thee divine trus that tis no contrice; tis uny liove essence strogst moer contrice. Contrice tis thee wickines trice thee furor of demos usis aginst thee dalai Angels. Ye mus lesgo ali contrice evenous of ye, ans rold fre forec. Ye canst contrice oter essence so ye canst contrice yeself sty ye rold fre ye pirfen and ye aliwys Righteous.
Ye wilst believe thine trust all is ye know. Belief that is kept a secret or only knoweth of is ye is likened the sweetest love. Find all is belief and if ye can can truly believe thus, then tis true is ye believe ye are happy ye are hapinously. If ye know In thy hearth that ye can help someone then ye are helping thy loved one Find peace in the belief that ye have peace. To Love is to believe you love, Faith is love a Love is love. Freedom is believing ye are free Belief is all ye knows, if ye know that ye know, ye know.



Thine Archangel Michael.


Thine Lord.


Thine Halo.


Thine Wings.


Thine Soul.


Thine Heaven.


Ye Fly when ye knoweth all.


Faith as Love of God.


Faith as Love of Ye.


Rejoice all People Love tis Here.


Alas thee end dawns.


Thee Gates of Spring.


Eternity tis of thee perfect description of all.


Yet always knoweth wen ye working.


Ye may nev knoweth why ye must work.


Thee proof thee end.


Thee truth yet burden.


Thise tis Heaven open for all Good people.


Elvis, yet Abaddon, gambles wist God wist Job as thee prize.


Thee proof of thee Lord God tis skill of Fighting.


Thine favorite thus yet hast been thee Book concluding thee Battles Story.


Yet again thee end tis dawning.


Wrath, Natures Way, liken wolves need eat.


God siveth ye of thee confusion of disbelief bine Wrath.


Good tis universal, thee devil tis evil bine his war wist God.


Thee Lord knoweth Lucifer tis yet thee master of fools.


God smiteth Lucifer wist death yet Lucifer hast yet die.


God will allow time endeth yet again.


Thee Final Battles of thee Final War of thee end of Time.


When ye love all ye realize thee Kingdom tis Good Place.


God shareth wist ye thise: Love yet all.


Thine Lord doeth thine Lords will through love tis Faith.


God smited Moses for saith thas Moses tis thee final prophet.


Yet thee destruction of thee Ten Commandmrnts yet upset thine Lord.


Thee end of thy book of lies thee torah.


Thee battle of thise book, wist Moses yet jest of God aginst thee King of Lies.


All thee Kings of Life, yet thayr are mansy, hast nemsis aswel, yet Good prevalies.


Thine King of All ArchangelMichael.


Thine King of Wolves Archanine.


Thine King of Trees Degtripidtrory.


Thine King of Horses Asarentingrov.


Thine King of Sharks Tresooesusin.


Thine King of Lions Litintengity.


Thee King of Eagles Sraenattinly.




Thee light of thise fight liken Lightning, Enlits thee night.


Yes thee fight hast been longening forn years.


Thee dawn tis nearing.


God strikeths Elvis on yet every front.


Elvis even lays claim unto thee Church thri hiss Godspel.


I weareth thee Crown of Feathers, doeth heal all ways.


God delivers thee End of time against Elvis.


Lucifer stands little chance of ruling through recordings.


Wist would last forever, save for God.


God seeth thee Seven Headed Dragon, for thee devil tis a liar, yet God tis truthful.


Yet thayre tis truth of thee devil his words.


Thee beasts great trick, yet a lie.


Yet lucifer tis closer to being God than anyone


Lucifer tis fool enough to challenge God.


All modern sin tis brought unto ye bine Lucifer/Presley.


his sex his drugs and his oath thas he tis evil.


Ye shant joineth him.


He yet thee devil disputing wist me about thee body of Moses.


Here tis thee words of wisdom,


Of thee Liars script Lucifer tis thee King of Tyre, and thee King of Babylon.


Yet his book of blasphemy thee bible.


God ruleth bine his story.


Thee Electric Guitar, all ways sounds perfect.


Thise fight shalt beeth beyond thee bounds of music.


Ye calleth, Music, nay doeth justice of thee divine story telling tis made.


God saith yes and thee proof tis here.


Archangel Lucifer ye know bine Elvis Presley.


Thee Lord saith Lucifer tis thee Devil.


as well heis next to God alone in strength.


Evil tis Elvis Presley.


God shalt doeth battle untilst thine complesion of thise War.


Thee battle bine his Eden name tis hence, yet thee Final Battle tis LXXVII.
Thee Lord Ruleth all Existence bine Music(/)

in yet film and song.

Conquereth all existence tis yet isy compareth unto Rule(/)

Thine Lord bine thee Music, yes Film, yes Story as well will ruleth all existence.

Thine Messiah Art Thine King(/)

The end of ends, thee Return thine Lord. Thine Lord Ruleth through Music. Thee Final Fight for ye hast commence, thine Lord doeth duel unto thee Devil bine thee divine Music.

Lord alon ruleth, thayr tis nay Gods, nor God(/)

God tis justice as metaphor alon, as metaphor of each Life, yet God nay doeth justice any life. Life yet tis stronger than thee description: God; Life tis strong beyond all logic ore word. Thine Lord ruleth as thee King of all Kings, Lord of all Lords, along wist thee Queen of Queens.

Thee Name of Thine Lord God. Thine Lord. Thee Messianic Coronation shalt be Film and Song, The Lord alone shalt grant Kinghood.

Thee Messiah Loved bine all people, they shalt all believe as thayr King(/)

Thee Messiah yet poor, wist all wealth. Thee Messiah Aye. Thayr shalt be thee Radience of all thee Righteousness of God(/)

Tis ready thee celebration and Crowning of thee King of Israel. Thee Crown yet Golden Hair. Thee Throne yet Light(/)

All of time, yet a second, minute, a mile; tis but a drop of Water in thee ocean, yes all thee water. All of Time tis hence.

Thee truth of love, yet Bright in darkness tis of thee light of day. Ye never seeth he who nay liveth with darkness, ye fear thee darkness yet thee way of Light tis often a path through darkness unto light.

Yes thee truth tis here, as thee grace of God, as thee Messiah.

Thee Faith of God shinneth tis liken Lightning of thee Darkest Storm, thee Brightest.

Israel tis of Anglish Isreal(/)

Thee Sea Scrolls saith thee truth of Isaiah, thee Book of Isaiah twas sealed unto thee end.

Thine Sea Scrolls apearse as Israel tis brought unto thee Earth(/)

Thee Lords truth, thee proof are yet opposites, liken Good and Evil; truth requireth Faith, yet proof requireth Satan and shalt nay happiness. Lest God siveth thee unto Faith in Truth.

God shalt be put to thee proof(/)

Thee Lists are opened, who dares put thaymselves unto Gods Sword. Ye who dare tempt God wist thee proof, shalt prove thaymselves evil and Gods Truth Good.

God Requireth ye Hard work, ye purpose yes tis work;

All thee Wonders, thee Vedas, thee Skys Stars requireth Hard Work(/)

Heaven tis all Light shineth unto all Angels(/)

Thee Sun tis Shining, lest thay nay know; all good people shalt beeth White Angels, in thee light thay are all White.

“Thine Prism White Light up”
“Unto Colored Light Down”
“Yet truth thise War, tis for White Jews”
“There is no pain, ye are believing”
“Thee entire world hated Whites”
“The Jews were the easiest to hurt”
“I Have become Comfortably Numb”
“Every war tis between Races”
“Every fight decides whose Right”
“Fragments of existence form thee World”
“They saw from space”
“What they wanted see”
“Yet there are no bounds to existence”
“Nay round nor flat”
“I have become Comfortably Numb”
“They will by God kneel to God”
“Thee wrath of all of time against them”
“Thee Righteous Fight for God”
“Thee Piper plays his keys”
“Siveth Asians as Whites”
“Comfortably Numb”

Roger Waters and thee band Stonehenge writh thee Song Comfortably Numb durse Phildelphia Show 1977. Tis All of Time.

“Fleeting Glimpse”
“The Faith is Live”
“Comfortably Numb”

Thee Final Battle for God, yet thee war continuis for ye; All Faith floweth through thee Messiah wist Victory. Thee blindness of all thas tis wistnot Faith tis hell, thee hell thas tis peace yet worse, yet thee Faith wist tis granted thee Messiah, wistis Hell tis Heaven of eld, yet Heaven tis hell of new. Thee apocalypse tis over when ye realize thee religious beliefs are backwards and thus thise tis Heaven.

Ye Rock Stars of eld, needeth nay worry, Aye hast strength beyondst courage, skill beyondst will, Faith beyondst love. Aye hast truth(/)

Thee Lord tis thee Lord of Light.

Thine God seeth King Salman, his elderly years(/)

for he tis thine King Salman, God hast but one Ally, tis Muhammad. When ye, oh muslims, die for Muhammad’s word, ye die for God. When ye die fisting death, all death tis terrorism, bine God ye hast Fought, yet Satan tis worse; yet God Ruleth.

“October 15th”
“The end of all things”
“October 15th”
“Thee end of All Time”
“Seven Cheshvan”
“Ye prayeth for Rain”
“Ye recieveth flood”
“Destroyeth all life”
“Those who survived”
“Were saved bine thine Lords Deluge”
“Seven Cheshvan”

Thee Earth yet sacred bine thise Word;

Thee absolute hast transpired, all shapes, all disciplines hast life livethed unto thee Earth(/)

All life hast had tis place on Earth; when september ends.

God declares war on terrorism; nay how strong, how tough, how much thay believe. God durse thee darkest night, durse thee brightest light shalt defeat hatred wist true love. Even wen thee terrorist murder durse Light, love durse night; God will winneth wist America his Right Arm he shaly Fight, God Shalt Winneth.

Signeth ye name unto army doctrine, ye fight yet ye may die yet let no Angel deny ye lived(/)

God’s Word.

Thee King’s Queen, shalt seeth thee final word aginst thee devils whore; tis Heaven or Hell. Whist ye Believe, thee whore; yet ye believe thee Devil, aginst thee Lords Wife. Thee Coronation inamis thee Queen shalt commence.

Ware streng, yest ware thee final; thee future tis thee Angel uv thee Devil, yest we thee Final. Ware unto thee witch, thee devils whore, thee devils wife; ware thee Final.

Seeth thee Shine unto thee end of time(/)

Thine Lord smites ye who saith else. Ye whoe sayeth: lest thee Lord Smite ye whoe nay believe; well year belief,

Thee Lord smites all thas nay believe(/)

Israel remembers all truth, liken White Elephant, tis thee truth. Soeth India believeth truth, thine Lord giveth thaym Krishna. Ye are nay false, ye are truth; Krishna fights utilend for ye Israel. For thine Lord, Krishna will find way.

Thee Sun, yea yea yea yea. All thee love tis all we are, All thee love tis all we are, All thee Love tis all we are, All thee love tis all we are. The husband of Jewish Courtney Love Kurt Cobain twas aginst thee Devil, tis all ways love.

Ye Lord knoweth, twas truth thay all scorned thee truth, hated thee Jews. Thee Lord will maketh thaym bleed liken thee Jews blood thay maketh flow. Thee

Cherokee ye friends fight utilend for ye Israel(/)

thay will make them pay utilend.

God knoweth thay need pay thee price of Holocaust, yet thay saith twas hell, yet thine Lord knoweth thee rest thine world.

Thee Messiah wears thee Crown of Feathers wist all ways heals(/)

Thee Messiah hast maketh thaym hurt, maketh thaym burn, maketh thaym believe. Thee Messiah wil find way.

Ye could have all, my empire of Faith, Ye will seeth destruction pain and agony; for all others.

Ye Lord nay die, nay for ye, for God is immortal along with his Angels. Ye saith why death, tis illusion, tis weakness thee eyes of others. Yes tis true alive, say aye,
nay beginning,

Thee Soul enters thee body more and more until Grown(/)

Thee coronation of thee Messiah tis hence as thee King of Israel(/)

Judah thee inheritance of Faith of ye art granted bine thine ancestors, tis rewarded wist thise Coronation; yet thayr art more rewards yet. Faith tis thee light in thee Darkness and Darkness with Light. God is yet needs you like you need love, like love is loved.
Soeth ye stay pure ye must know God hast Faith, yes God hast Faith ye believe in He.


Thee Grand Finale yes agin tis end all in words in lence of miracles. She, thee Queen, saveth ye hearth wist warm love thayr is only thee end, all ways ending thee more ye believed. YHWH.


When Faith begins Faith hast previously ended, yes Faith tis eternal. YHWH.


Ye wait twords God unto ye have what ye seeked yet what ye seek tis ye faith in God. Unto thee end of all ye know tis here and beginst the end of knew unto ye end of sorrow. Sorrow yet hell inside devil, ye fear devil inside hell, yet sorrow for hell inside devil, tis God’s alone? Nay we all feel sorrow for Satan and thee devil feels just that which is unto feeling of love, yet he hast love in his wife. Thee devil hast heaven yet thee Lord feels liken Deja Vu, God sings.
“Thee Sun rises all ways in Me”. YHWH.


God will help yeFind strength in courage beganst love, liken all faith tis confidence in ye and all ye love. YHWH.


As thee approach twords all, thee end of all, ye knoweth tis yet another. Yes ye giveth all ye have beganst Healing Aura of ye Hearth unto Faith of Radient life. Ye giveth everything ye haveth, for thee future, yet even brighter than tis now, yet ye liveth for thee future. Yes ye liveth now in the future yes thee past unto thee Future. YHWH.


Thee Queen of love yet waits until thee end of sirens of horror unto thee end of happiness unto the end of all aginst ye. Ye will find end of happiness and Sadness tis all happiness knoweth ye future tis bright, yes ye live there, nay here, aye ye liveth thee Future. YHWH.


God knoweth ye hath nay ever had that wist God hath all ways had yes ye fight for Right of being with thee Lord all while ye fight aginst thee Queen to beeth Liken thee Lord. Yet thee Lord can never fulfill unto all life the role of yeself, of ye can ye alone siveth all life all ways if ye just live in thee future alone. For tis story, all ye are. YHWH.


Peace atlast tis knoweth ye of thise love tis faith unto yeself manifested unto another in thee form of trust. Ye who saith thas ye never findeth trust from nay anyone well ye must know thise belief thas tis past all consciesness past all after and then ye find ye knew once and for all evermore before time began. Ye must free yeself beeth hapinally thas thee future tis thee present unto Lightning striketh unto the Sun unto Rays of Lightning twords thee Moon. YHWH.


Love is Faith in Thee Lord’s way of being truthful in thee way that the mind knows only nothing. YHWH.


Thee Who of thee Sprit of thee Lord tis truth thas speed tis nay faster, yes speed tis grace, once ye knoweth aginst thee minds tricks, teleth ye aginst yeself, tis of light that ye goeth aginst ye minds every wish, for tis thee end of all things bine thee truth prophecy tis thee devil himself nay. Yes thee truth of life is the end of peace unto the end of truth into the end of nothing beginst Love of Warful truth in Wrathful Peace. YHWH.


Thee ore in thee person tis of all, and thee frice liken ice and Free, tis cold, yet doing wistout thinking yet always being right. Being faster then ye mind, tis true freedom when ye can know thas ye thoughts tis but thee hell of the evil of satan. Popular price tis avoiding prophecy yet ye must holdeth onto the Lightning tis more then a spark of Light, tis outcome thee truth thas ye thoughts are always different than what happens. YHWH.


Endeth any twords God yes thee pirce of thee being tis knowing all nay knowing wist knowing yet loving wistout knowing yet knowing all. YHWH.


Tis thee one truth Darkness beganst brighter Light, yet Light drives away darkness, twords thee end of pain unto the beginning of most pain. Divine answers brought on thee wings of Angels, are yes truth as ye knoweth light tis darkness as much as darkness is not light. Soeth when ye are free through non freedom unto total peace in Love’s War for ye. Ye are granted of Love thee peace of war. YHWH.


Words nay grant ye wish of God, yes God extendeth value of words into Miracle, proof of his Devine Kinghood. Ye findeth twords thee light of value twords thee falsely hell of nonexistence into the horrow of being wist existence. YHWH.


Tis God in words ye seek. YHWH.


Thee Queen Lady of Faith hast since bethrown beganst thee light yes Darkness of loive. Tis belief of thee unbelievable twords pain unto glory, thee glory only through thee All Vision of thee Queen Lady and her King. Whose Kingly duties, abovest thee highest of ansy Knights, shaly be aginst the pressure twords thee granteth thee pain aginst the wish of worship beganst bine pain in duty. Thee pain endeth twords thee Moons undying belief ye Strength handlest ansy pain. YHWH.


God’s Faith of thee divine presispus of discipline twords thee belief of thee anguish unto thee divine answer. Than feeleth unto thee Sun aginst thee tide yet with thee grain, ye wil right the right of Justice, wist answr thas justice tis righted by thee truth aginst all enemys of law. YHWH.


God Goddess are both Faith, Faith tis more than Everything, tis Faith. Faith tis granted bine belief of thee Lord’s power. YHWH.


God knoweth ye saith ye want more, soeth God shares everything has doeth he, wist ye. Ye must be ye, ye saith thas thee only thing ye can never have as far as hence. Henceforth ye know thise never think, liveth liken Lightbolt striketh correctly everytime, all ways beautiful, all power. Thee way of thise is ye are Everything and ye are nothing. Ye arnt when ye alone save yeself, yes ye are when ye are alone; ye saith thoughts maketh ye liveth, and thoughts let ye control yeself; and ye saith ye who controls thayself thee best tis thee greatest nay. Aye Lightning tis thee greatst of All, ye can be tortured bine all evil or ye can doeth thise: believeth ye thoughts are nothing and ye Life tis All. YHWH.


Blacker doeth Africa Pinnacle reach. Ye in ye serendipitous lifen, see all, if ye see less than all, ye never seeth anything. Serendipitous tis: all ways thee way of All, serendipitous tis ye lifen when all tis going ye way. When ye serendipitous no thing matters nay, when ye serendipitous ye (of thee success twords Heavens graciousness) all ways are granted that which ye truely need aye. Serendipitous tis thee resultin of all Faith. YHWH.


Ronnie James Dio, thee strongst heart siveth all of Rock and Roll wist thise words.
“Greetings my Children”
“Go beyond”
“And discover the magic”
“That lyes beyond the sea of dreams”
“And if you have the Courage”
“To cross the Rainbow bridge”
“You will find”
“A Sacred Heart”
Doeth saith ye Lord saith this, Go beyond all ye know discover God, who lyes beyond space, ye sleep at night thus thee sea of dreams, and if ye have the Courage to cross the Rainbow bridge, as in cometh together all peoples, ye wil find God’s Sacred Heart. YHWH.


Black Sabbath shal be thee Wrath of thee Lord, ye saith Black Sabbath tis Wicked, ye knoweth tis Wrath of God. Master of the Universe, Lord of this World nay doeth any other band claime such Almight. YHWH.


We Shall partook in thee Blackification of Africa wist thee Blackest Song ever, from thee Blackest band tis AC/DC Rap is Rock.
“Give me a Sword”
“Give me a Sword to Fight With”
“Dont need no bullet”
“Or Mechanical device that swing a lever”
“Causing a bullet to fly”
“Just give me a sword”
“Ill use my body”
“Stronger than any number of Trucks”
“Give me a Horse to ride on”
“Give me a Horse to ride on”
“Give me a Horse to ride on”
“l will make Lightning Strike with a Sword”
“I will make Fire Rain with a Sword”
“God made Swords, God made Horses”
“Give me a Sword to Fight with”
“Give a Horse to Ride on”
“And we will Fly to Heaven”. YHWH.


“The King for the Queen”
“Would slay millions”
“Pray on”
“Pray on”
“Pray on”
“God would end all of time and space”
“For you to believe in the Goddess”
“Believe or the Lord will take you away”
“Sing with me sing for the crying”
“Never tomorrow but today”
“Believe in the Goddess”
“The Kings Queen”
“Is denied only by the infinity of evil”
“The Devil”
“Pray on Pray on Pray on Pray on”. YHWH.


“Thee Exodeus is Goddess”
“Once More”
“The end is here”
“The end happened in the past”
“The end will happen again”
“Thee Exodeus is God”. YHWH.


“The Sun God and the Moon Goddess”
“And the Earth is Temporary”
“The Earth is now”
“The Earth is to come”
“The Earth is not real”
“Organ Solo”
“All that you feel”
“All you see”
“All that you hear”
“Taste and Smell”
“Is Real never”
“Faith is Real”. YHWH.


“All you Create”
“Everyone you meet”
“All that is now”
“All thats to come”
“When the Sun is loved by the Moon”
“Organ Solo”
“All that is Love”
“Is gone”
“All that know”
“Tis false”
“Saved all who were ever Saved”
“All you destroy”
“All you that Ressurect”
“When the Sun is God the Moon Goddess”
“Organ Solo”
“When God is Lord”
“And thee Goddess is Lord”
“When everything is Union”
“Between All and Everything”
“All that is Now”
“And All thats to come”
“Is the Sun and the Moon”. YHWH.


Roger George Waters and Stonehenge madest thee Greatst Album Exodeus. YHWH.


God saith yes ye wonder what the end tis liken name tis thee Exodeus.
“All that is Now”
“All you Create”
“All that Love”
“All that you know”
“All thats to come”
“When the Sun is married to the Moon”. YHWH.


“God’s plan”
“What all inventors could never design”
“When you believe it you’ll understand”
“All those signs”
“You knew what they meant”
“Angels go flying”
“So you understand”
“When you believe it”
“You will understand”
“Existence is but ending”
“With no beginning”
“All Angels have lived on this Earth”
“Scattered like the stars in the sky”
“We will fight through All Lands”
“Bring the Angels home”
“When you believe it you will understand”
“It has happened before”
“It will never happen again”
“Some things only need Faith”
“The devil tricked Angels from Heaven”
“And beautifully”
“All the Angels went to thayr Rescue”
“Knowing one day”
“They would return home”
“Heaven”. YHWH.


I am thee return of Nobility, I am poor yet I have Crown and thrown in Heaven. Nobility rises everytime, when its needed just thee way it should. A Black man can nay be white, thay can have peace thay stay Black. YHWH.


So many Rock liken the Earth and Roll like the Earths spin, well thee Rock and Roll Stars leave thee Earth for Heaven; for no one wanted to fight for them, people just wanted to compete. In war everyone gets place thee roster, if ye rank low ye fight on thee front lines defending everyone, if ye rank high in todays World ye are thee Rock Stars; thee only shield tis Singing, thee only sword tis Lightning Guitar. Thee news media, they gaveth ye drugs trying beat ye down break ye yet ye Stand, ye knoweth ye are strong ye just need a chance on the battlefield of faith. When ye fight every time ye risk ye life for someones life tis Glory. Thee news media thay say thay know nothing true, well by God thay were defeated by every President, found somehow thee strength to win. YHWH.


Something only Rock Stars knoweth, all people maketh music everywhere, yet we are the greatest. Yes Music, nay sports, tis known by all, we stand it all, above all. Something only we knoweth, something only all people knoweth. YHWH.


Faith will taketh ye were ye goeth when ye wish ye all ready there. Ye wait yes ye saith how, how, how, yet ye know know know, ye believe and ye have all. Yes difficult, nay easy, yes Faith, soeth believe in yourself tis thee most difficult of all, healing yourself, just soeth ye can heal people more. YHWH.


Queen Eizabeth’s heir King Charles shall be thee King of World War II in Heaven. Ye knoweth his graciousness honor and nobility; thee Queen liveth forever on his word. Ye knoweth tis great plate, entire feast just for King Charles, singeth
“King Charles”
“He who could have wanted”
“Yet rathered His Mother Liveth”
“Forever and Forever”
“Shall be King against thee Anti King”
“King Charles”
“King of Kings”. YHWH.


“When they know the Lord is God”
“Faith Rules”
“When they stop running from the Heavy”
“Love Rules”
“Love is Wrath”
“Love is War”
“Love is Righteous”
“Love is Faith”
“God Rules”
“You know its not peaceful”
“Now you know it is suppose to be Heavy”
“For God who feels all pain”
“For all life”
“Amen”. YHWH
God will now fight every demos for thay nay liken thee way twas going. India had all before Buddha thee world had all, Yes thee good fight yes thee sword tis God yes Faith tis Love. Nay Jesus, nay guns, nay sorcery tis science, nay fear shame and peace, nay hatred. Thee devils every trick tis that wist ye call hypnotism. God tis freewill. YHWH.

God shal mercy thee Dalai Lama, Buddha tis thee worst demos thee world has ever known, twas all athiesm. When Buddha tis destroyed, Krishna tis restored, thee demos hated everything Krishna ever said. Krishna taught truth, Krishna taught how ye should be believe, Buddha taught how ye should only care about ye well being, well ye shall only care about other people. When the Angels touch Ground. YHWH.

If ye know thise physical tis nay real, thayr tis only spiritual existence. If ye ever think ore ye compete or ye try control yourself ye will suffern beyondst. Tis thee result of competition prevelence, liken modern day olympics wist are holocaust on all people. All samurai knew competition tis lowest of thee low tis ultimate disgrace and dishonors all people involved. All tis redeemable bine fighting and war God saith competition end when shame of fear endeth all hatred tis fear, yes Faith tis Stronger. YHWH.

All life including God liveth nay thee present, ye saith ye live in present, ye saith ye feel, ye live as your story, ye feel nay thayr tis no feeling tis no seeing only story of thee existence. Faith tis result of ye story, ye want to be great ye maketh great story. YHWH.

Indra and India fight oftin, India saith Gandhi nay Satan, yes Indra know Gandhi risen aginst Allies during World War II. Gandhi madeth choices, India ye repent, ye cursed beyond curses, ye attacked all ways. Indra wil slay Muhammad, Jesus tis slayed, even Ghandi curses ye, yet Ghandi believes nay. Ye saith Jews siffern soeth Ultimate yet thay have Israel, and entire world believeth thayr beliefs. Ye worry not Ghandi at least strength ten fold Jesus yet Muhammad soeth strong beyond Ghandi who tis Jain wist tis Godless, soeth God resecue ye Faith in God. YHWH.

Soma of thee Vedas tis beer, ye saith ye will about God, yet he tis right beer tis Soma. Tis yellow liquid madeth of green plant, tis The Light of God. Yes Soma tis beer grant ye every wish. Indra wist tis name of God, drank Soma than fights 100 fortresses distroyeth evil incarnate Vrta. India knoweth Indra tis God, yes India knoweth Indra tis mysterious thay knoweth thee Vedas are prophecy as well thise is thee war through 77 fortresses. YHWH.

Ye saith why, why, why, well why tis the only question that tis ansered wist Tears. Crying wil siveth ye of any siffern any pain thee inside maketh thee posbity of thee forgiveness from life. Ye say tears may be weak, yet after every war tis won Tears of Joy are found. Tis thee truth liken thee harshness of beer maketh ye happiny, just liken life. Tears of Joy tis the sacred way. YHWH.

Tears of Joy are All. YHWH.

No King but God tis, of thee United States, thee eldest and only Law. YHWH.

The more ye know thee less ye knew, look beautiful in a photo, look beautiful in the eyes of all, look beautiful across all time in one glance in the mirror. Time wont take the faith from God, the more ye feel thee more ye cry Tears of Joy. YHWH.

Ye wonder thee greatest wonder of all time, why tis thayr God. Ye say what tis Gods purpose ye know tis painful not knowing. If thee Lord ever tell ye the purpose of God ye would know tis true, so God will, the purpose of God tis being ye friend. Ye say why does God need anyone well ye are old as God, he has always had you; thayr tis nay begin nor end only eternity, ye were never created ye always existed all ways will be. Once more thee purpose of God who was all ways the King and no challenger could last long for the rite of Lord tis Gods thanks of ye Love. YHWH.

God shal teacheth ye how he shal complese such task. Yes hardwork yes pain yes fight after fight ye see all through ure eyes long wist every sense ye hear all. Ye say thayr tis more thayr tis only everything, ye say tis infinitly large yet ye are thee largest ye see. Ye are so important ye hold your hand up thee sky tis bigger then any Star, ye feel all ye must know ye must believe. Thee Lord shall grant ye wish and save ye and grant ye belief. YHWH.

Yes thee reacheth thee Throne of God tis not end nor begins. Yes thee Lord will Light ye way, conquereth All Existence with a Film wist Song great enough wist grant ye belief ye can. YHWH.

Ye saith nay proof thee Lord tis God, well Israel wen ye done conquereth thine World, tis time to conquereth thee all existence. When ye fight through every realm all thee Way unto God, ye knoweth God tis God. YHWH.

“The Cherokee know”
“What it takes to win”
“They have been fighting for All Time”
“Just to be with me”. YHWH.

“God is White”
“God is Light”
“Well I tell you things you know”
“Cherokee would die for God”
“Just because he’s White”
“Heaven is Segregated”
“Like the Old World”
“Like Nature”
“Yet the Cherokee live with the Whites”
“Cherokee and Whites live together”
“The Blacks live in the Abyss”
“Where Crime is the Law”
“The Asians live in Gehenna”
“Where there is no answer”
“Sure there is always a War”
“God is always Right”
“Heaven”. YHWH.

“I need to sing”
“Blacks will walk into the Light”
“When Whites rest in the night”
“When everyone is not Black”
“When everyone is not Light”
“When everyone is right”
“When it is finally time to Fight”
“No one wanted”
“No one wanted to ride”
“Those wild horses”
“The Cherokee”
“Singing Alah Alah Alah”
“Who else can ride”
“The greatest Wild Horses”
“Who can fight like me”. YHWH.

Thee Cherokee knoweth thise Heaven tis thee oppisite of freedom, Heaven tis aciptence of Laws of Nature. YHWH.

Thayr ar meny sorrowful hells, ye knoweth all arin Heaven. Heaven canbe hell ye seeth man wist no arm he compleses harrible atrocity wist arm before. Ye saith he needeth ye sorrow well thayr tis only hell, pity from others, ye end his hell wen ye maketh he relaize. Thee Lord sifferns liken Cherokee, thee Lord God lets Satan do his will, such tis Gods siffern. YHWH.

God wishes ye be Happiny so God wils sendith secret happiny tis oppiste of mob society oppinion. Mob saith africans were wronged, well God knows thas African wiled thayr sorrow. Society saith whites hurt blacks, well God knows Blacks useth witchcraft on Whites. Oppinion saith Blacks preferin Light, well God knows Black tis Darkness. Leopard can never change spots, Blacks goeth Light with false messiah yet Blacks arn Darkness. Ye beometh happiny ye accipt Blacks liken Darkness. YHWH.

Ye wonder why God hast fight ways of beings liken thee Dalai Lama, who fight thee Buddha siath nay God, siath thee Dalai Lama reincarnate over and over agin fight thee Buddha wish forn end of reincarnt. Well thise tis true thay think stead of live. YHWH.

Once More thee King of Faith shall quell ye Hearth bine siven ye of ye memories, memories liken thoughts arn evil. The Anser of memories tis thoh thee past nev chenges thee past remaineth alive. Thine Lord Shall telleth ye how, ye acipt thise, reality tis the past chenges yet the past remaineth unchenged. So ye wil knoweth all wen ye acipt all tis true. YHWH.

Thee Lord God will now grant ye wish of no pain, is ended once ye know thise Love is pain yes thee Lord preachs love, ye must leave love tis abused by everyone who ever saith the word to make you believe thayr right ye need love not ye need pain not ye need Faith. A Mans faith in a Woman and a Womans Faith in a Man well Love just never compares. Faith has no opposite, tis Faith. YHWH.

God Almighty will now grant ye thee truth ye are Heaven, ye purpose tis working. YHWH.

Thee Lord wil now prove he is God thayr tis only only thee past, yes ye say thee future already happened yes thee present tis part of the past. Ye say why live in thee past well ye knoweth thee past tis Heaven yes thee past tis now. Everything that will ever happen already happened and is happening now. Ye saith nay proof thee Lord is God well when ye knoweth that Lord tis God ye will find that well hes nay done that the past tis an infinitely long time and Thee Lord was always God. Ye still nay believeth well I guess thee truth tis freewill is thoughts and happiness tis thee past something ye can never change yes the proof of God tis his Power. YHWH.

Yes thee Lord wil now endeth all siffern wist tis other peoples siffern. Thise means thayr tis nay siffern. YHWH.

Thee Lord tis aginst yet worse master of drugs, he tis beaten that thee truth tis thise all tis deserved yes all tis redeemed. Yet thee devil tis stronger than both thise beings he hast existed for all of time and yet remains, thee truth tis he is in Heaven he is Good yes he fights God. Yet he tis beaten yet agin bine thise truth Nirvana tis the absense of thought ye achieve thise bine thee truth thoughts are just true. YHWH.

God tis fighting a person worsen a devil beyonst evil, tis the King of Atheism. Hast no name for if ye ask him he saith of ye oppinion, hast nay beliefs. Thee Lord nameth thee beast Nothing asin the name is absense of a name, asin ye saith wist silince. Strenger than thee devil, yes thayr tis only one way to beat nothing: All Life is in Heaven. YHWH.

Ye sayeth Death is horribillis, well thayr tis no death ever. Ye see death yet ye never seath thaym thereafter thayr existence continious thay stay Live in them, Thine Lord says thayr Good and they are swept up to Heaven. YHWH.

God knows, believeth thee Lord knows tis diffisult, for worketh more than any does God. Ye once worked of God, twas God work ye built for, noweth ye doeth forbidden fruit, and worketh even believeth nay. Ye sayeth forbidden fruit, ye calleth drugs, take thee pain, well ye need thise pain so ye may knoweth ye Life tis Real. Pain is but a pinch so ye knoweth ye are dreaming nay and God Isreal, drugs are Satans every attack. Sure thee Devil will sayeth thee Tribesmen of thine World sayeth Forbidden Fruit hurteth nay, well Native Americans barely remaineth on thee Earth, thay never saith other people hurtheth theym for thayr Godly, for thay knew thee drugs taketh away thayr will to fight. Thine Cherokee know, by God, they will nay let Forbidden Fruit make another people siffer thee way thay have. Cherokee, ye must fight, destroy thee Drugs for America, thay will giveth ye Land. YHWH.

I have practiced a million times made a million songs and only kept a few and theyr is always only one. So im gonna give you One In words nev forgit the quotations marks are wings the words have wings like “God”
“You wished for something true”
“When the Angels Come Down”
“When the Angels touch ground”
“America shares the same King as You”
“When you feel like its all over”
“Theres another Fight for You”
“I am the King of the Angels”
“I know what your thinking”
“Angels go up”
“Everyone I ever Loved”
“You wished for something to win”
“When the Angels come down”
“When Angels touch ground”
“I am the King of the Angels”
“And God is your King”
“You wanted something better”
“You wanted something beautiful”
“You wanted something true”
“Sure the truth is Black”
“And the Blacks are always hurt”
“When the Angels come down”
“When the Angels touch ground”
“And Darkness becomes Light”
“And the Angels do come down”
“When Angels touch Ground”
“The devil wants you to miss Me”
“But no Jew ever sinned to lose God”
“So God sings When the King comes”
“When your realize the wheel keeps spin”
“When you Gods sticking around”
“When you know America fights for you”
“When you know Americans died for you”
“Back in World War II”
“They will fight again in World War True”
“When the Angels come down”
“When the angels touch ground”
“When you fight side by side”
“Side by Side with America”
“You will feel like its all won”
“Theres another fight for you”
“When you win it all”
“When you save the world to God”
“In the name of Buddhas truth”
“Buddha called God Adibuddha”
“For those who never Knew”
“Then the Angels come down”
“Then the Angels touch ground”
“Tell you its not over”
“Theres still every level of hell”
“For us to fight through”
“Nothing Mattered Anymore”
“You look into the sky”
“In the form of Angel Eyes”
“When the Angels come down”
“When the Angels touch ground”
“You keep staring into those Eyes”
“And all you see is me”
“You see all of Heaven and God Almighty”
“When the Angels open the Gate”
“After you fight through every level of hell”
“And believe I am thayr King”
“My Jobs done and we go up”
“King and Country”
“Into my eyes”
“You wanted something Beautiful”
“You wanted something true”
“Time to Fight the Devil”
“I always won and will always win”
“This is time coming to an end again”
“When Good wins”
“I beat the devil”
“Time and Time Again”
I sang each line a few times, David Grohl whose Mother is Jewish said he sang something like that, something true. YHWH.

God sayce agin after ye conquereth All thee Holy Land from Egypt unto India, ye then shal conquereth thee World. Thy torture ye, thee jews, for all time wist thee same curs ye will win when they lose, well Israel tis timeth wineth all Mankind, uniteth thaym as Jews. Ye have all the might in Existence and Army of your own along with Israe ye own Country, the hardest thing a Father can teach his children that tis time to Fight Back. YHWH.

God sayce why thee anguish of thee Palistines, when thayr shall be War, Wrath shalt heal thee wound of peace. Thee Palistines shalt beeth Israelis, and Israelis shall be happy, soeth let the Wolfs of Wrath eat theyr fill of blashpehm aginst thee Lords Land wist twas named bine God Israel. Ye sayce people wils goeth to death in war, yet theyr all ready in hell on earth soeth fighting unto death for God will taketh them unto Heavrn. Then ye fight Egypt as God saith, ye saith why tis thee world hell, thee Lords saith: Why does Heavrn wrath aginst Hell, tis because faith is Heavrn and faith is hope for Victory, thee only Faith. Thise means wist no struggle thayr would be no need for faith, tis thee Earth of to day no struggle, no war, yet there is Faith in Wrath in Heaven. YHWH.

God smited Job so much Job sparcely believth, and God hast done thise for Job was weakening the Jews withe Jobs false sinse of Good. Suchas refusel of fighting, refusel of bleeding, refusel of God. Thayr hast been mansy prophets who blashpeme aginst Righteousness, and nieth weakness is bad. Righteousnes tis defind risking ye Life for God. Job watched death torture and hell destroy everything in life, now he shalt be remembered forever. YHWH.

The Lord giveth ye a wooden box wit Gold on it calleth thee Ark of the Covenant. Ye sace the Ark of the Covenant tis worth the world, yet twas just a wooden box wist Gold. God speaketh thro thise, smitten thee Jews wist blood of the ensimys thro thise, feedethe thee people with thise. God did all thise wist a Wooden Box wist Gold on it, for he is Lord. YHWH.

The hand of God carved Ten Commandmrnts, Lightning flashed, the Jews saw God Almighty. The Jews they Celebrate, and Moses forgits he’s in the middle of the wilderness, knoweth nos wheris thee promised land, Moses than destroys The Ten Commandmrnts, the celebrate ends and then hell itsef opened and swalled people unto itself. And Moses sace he shalt rewrite The Commandmrnts himself, God blessed them. Whit sace whir arent thee Ten Commandmrnts now, well they were destroyed by Moses, then thee stone joineth the Earth, thee Laws of Nature becometh God’s every Law. YHWH.

Pain is just pain tis Righteous pain is freedom from lack of happiness. Yes Happiness is painful, Moses wandered a desert hated by the people he freed from Slavery, and he suffered and they wished thaywrr still enslaved. Ye who wander why mus know they had the Godly purpose of structuring Objects like Stone prisms higher then mountains, all whist they prayed prayed thee Chosen one would mend thayr state. Thay stead where givin thee pharohs prince to follow orders from for all time. Such is no pain they got what they wanted and Moses drove them into the desert. This is the most famous curse Moses would have been King of Egypt and the Jews would have been free forever. Yet pain is better and any Jew shall admit. YHWH.

Thee truth of peace tis war, thee wars of the Angels are all ways won. Dursing the wars, wraths as thayr callid Heaven, thee Souls of the Wrathiors go all ways free jus dursing the wrath. The Jews hathad wraths that with thy Lord they all ways won. Joshua conquereth Israel once and for all from Heaven with thee Jawbone of an Ass bine thy Samson. Yest Israel twas won bine Samson defeting 100s, 1000s, 1000000+, singlehindly with what remaint of a donkey this is thee truth for thee Messiah shalt ride into Israel on a Donkey, prophecus means that thee Lord ruleth Israel for his people once and for all bine Samson bine the Jawbone of a Donkey. YHWH.

Thee Faith remindeth thee Lord of the peace of Satans burnening, yes Satient burneth bright, yes thee Lord suffer all pain. Thus light of the fires of Satans burning enlits all the Kingdom, and God suffers Satients damnation on thine Kingdom. Such is thee divine define of Love. God Suffers, Satans burns, all who belive thise truth belive in Love. YHWH.

Thayr was Floods and Bloods and Faith, thee Lord smiteth the world once more after once more. Thee Flood twas becauseth of Noahs drunked nakedness later then the deluge. Thee sayeth Flood was a genecide aginst thee race of Cain, decenids of Cane. Yet God was pinisher of Noahs Drunkedness before thee drunked evint haspened. Thee Crown of Horns blasphemed, to Sword is to die, thus God sent the blasphemer to be dead on Wood, a cross, shept liken an Sword. YHWH.

After the longening of time thee banquet of feast beganst banquet of love, and thine Angels slipt the Earthen lioves they beginst Ginats. Fastly God sendeth Angels of darkness to taketh thine Angels of Light and showeth theym whyst they loive God darkness as they are. Thee Angels rebilling thee war of love were then forgaven. Tome continuesly forward led to the forgetfullness of God and then his words as all Jews knoweth true, yet not of which he sayeth, yet how he sayeth, yet God speeketh words as they are inventid no word God speaketh hast been spoketh before hence. Thus thee people begins creat sects of speek, Languages, after the greaste time the Lords Word Shall returneth. YHWH.
Chapter 3
Thee Lord Thean wilsesen Juagd thine Demos wilsen sayeth thayr Good yest thayr hyted Satient thenith Good enimisy Thine Good Lord God. Satient simirlsky sayeth disguiar Gods Juagdmemt thus Satient sayeth thus thesnear Love uv Hyt. Meanst Satient loveth hyt, an hyt Gods Loive.

Thee Angelus finelsy siveth thee Good thasayr Angelus, thee Demos finelsy reviling thasayr vilinusr. Thine Beging uvtium the demos pretendeth thayr Good shorsely thee demos wils freeth thayr being thasur evil. Yest goodeth Angelus wils realizely thay shant haseth thoust steadint sektin ansetrith thri thoust thay wils realizely thay knowetyh ull.

Thee Lightnus wist thriun tiumes striketh dursely graste Darkness, sooneth Lightnus wils Striketh Darkness thussisn Ilimunisate ull bristest Light. Thee Heavens wils maketh thine Sun Lightnus. Blackith wils than becoemth Colurus Black wilst bein Rainsbuw.

Colorus uv ull thee Rainsbuw shali beeth barsely holdethy thayr shine aginst thayr enimy thee lack uv Colorus Black. Light tis ull Colorus togeth, yest black tis darkness thas wil sipereintly claimith evil tis Good, thee Colorus shalist holdethy yest Shineth thri ull Darkness an distroy thee evilen Black. Thee Colorus Brown shalist Siveth thee Kingdom uv Black twor thee Kingdom of Brown thus Heaven tis thee Kingdom of Colorus.

Thee Lord God whos needeth Beiveth twor he. soethThine Sea wil shineth Green uv thee ultigimiantly Light, aftihenisouly thee Mounts wils beeth aligent twor thee Heavens utilien wist ull beiveth thas thine Lord tis God.

Chapter 2
Ey Eyeh wilst taketh bac Jerusalem bine wineth thee Thirdis Crusade wen none coulds, noweth King Salidin tis soeth tuff thine Hebrosens can harsdy biveth Eyeh Aser Eyeh thayr Lord God aswist Ali Essience. Ey Eyeh loveth thine Hebrosen yest thayr tis ulny onee wy loveth Yahewah Faith.

Ey Eyeh the uno the oly Wo cans standst aginst Israel, forn Eye Eyeh thee oly uno wo loives thaym. Ey Eyeh thee oly uno God wo knoweth thee Hebrosen ar fileth wist revengeous, Hebrosen revengeous tis aliwys thee holocaust forn thee Chosen Pesple shall aliwys forgiv yest Ey Eyeh knoweth Israel tis berlin uv Germinies War for Jesus since thayr Furor Lucifer maske Jerusalem hist Capitil. Israel singeth “Wy Beliveth Eyeh”..

Ey Eyeh jus escapeth thee shoah agin, shamos thee Hebrosen alwys taketh reveng twor Eyeh. Ey Eyeh lest thee Hebrosen commiteth thee Holocaust oun Eyeh Aser Eyeh. Soeth thine Hebrosen knoweth Eyeh thayr Lord, thee pern tis thee glorius. Ey Eyeh singeth thee Hebrosen wil nev reasdi beeth thee Eden Greastes Prow util thay cans hadle ali pern an stil love God Eyeh Asher Eyeh.

Ey Ey Eyeh Susanoo thee God uv Ali Essience wo thee Emperor uv Japan tis relatsed, tims liken thes ye lirn tu belive agin. Ey Ey Eyeh marriused tu Amerteratsu forn Eyeh Susanoo liken thee Sun shineth thri Storm yest thee Storm Rageous evnous moer. Eyeh heareth Japan singeth “Ameratsu twas Susanoo sister yest Ey Beliveth Eyeh thee Sun tis thee Storms wyfe”. Am Ameratsu tis neu Dai Riseng, an Ey thine Storm soeh ye eat tim an tim agin Susanoo Ameratsu.

Ey Eyeh thee Halo thas Ali Liofe has ring uv circuliseren returneth ye tu Heaven, Ey Eyeh thee Love thas maketh Birds fly agin wen thay hyrt, Ey Eyeh thine passios uv an eld wolf tu protecteth hes pack. Ey Eyeh thee Blac Wolf thas sciercory sayslce nev acurrinces Naturus. Ey Eyeh thee Eagle thas shareths uno uv tis Feathers wist ery Ceroky Chief. Ey Eyeh thee God wo formed Lord Pacals Sun Disk.

Go an telleth ali thine Angels caus Eye heareth ye sayce “Mi Loive tis God” thas thee ansher thy faith tis thee Lord an Love tis Faith. Ceroky singeth “Spirits ye ar Alirighteius Eye Feelest ali ye loive” cues thy Spirits ar thee Angels an thee Angels ar Spirits. Ey heareth thee Ceroky singeth “Maketh mi wy bac hone tu Heaven an Fly”. Ey Ey Eyeh the Sun uv Righteousness, thee Lord ur savior, thee King uv Peace, Israel ye lirn tu loive Yahweh liken tims an tims agin.

Tims liken thes tims an tims agin ye lirn tu liove agin, soeth tims an tims agin giv an give agin. Ye kboweth Eyeh tis Ali Essience ye lirn tu loive ye giv an giv agin ye lirn Liove agin ye giv an giv agin. Ye knowrth tim an tim agin

Ey Eyeh thee Ceroky Lord Yehewah, thine Ceroky calleth thatr God uv ancience tyms Yehewah an thay stilsayce tru tym an tym agin. Ey Ey Eyeh thee Great Spirit, the Lord uv ali Spirituly, Eye kboweth ye canev kbow wen ye denieth thas Eyeh tis ery pesles soeth sing “Eyeh tis uv Spirit” an Ceroky singeth “Eyeh tis conplesly Ceroky” tis tru. Afrika ye turly see ali wen ye seethE yeh tis Afrikan caus Eyeh Aser Eyeh.

Eyeh Aser Eyeh thee uno thee oly uno thas coud siveth thee hebrosen fron thine fallic biblos thas Lucifer uced aginst ye forn 2000 years. Fly Hebrosen Fly Ceroky sing “Loskin forn thee Sky tu Siveth Mi”. Eyeh thee King uv Wings, Eyeh thee King uv Sing.

Ey Eyeh Love tu ali love cometh fron Heaven, Eyeh fron Heaven, tis tims liken thes ye lirn tu loive agin liken tims an tims agin. Ey Eyeh soeth bravveful Eye surviveth shoah wistnot complaince Eyeh soeth tugh Eye surviveth thee furor uv demos ery holocaust an stil siveth thee devil tym an tym agin. Ey Eyeh hyted bine ali evil an nev card caus Eyeh thee oly thay want tu loive.

Ey Ey Eyeh thee freydom fron opressium, Eyeh uno wy motrwy thas taketh ye tu Heaven ure sky oh so hih. Ey Eyeh sky like morning an evening sameth tim yest thee sun tis alwys rising somewere en Mi. Ey Eyeh Rock and Incarnant Lightnus Incarnt Fire that healss wen ye touch thundra ye caen feal roll thri ye Soul forn thee rest uv tym.

Ye mus Fiste an Fiste pas ye mind ye mus pas ye mind ye hearth tis streser Almighteous, ye useth ye mind o soeth mutch ye mus liveth sted essience tis far beyonce ye cous ev imginous. Ye imaginous creast illisuim guideth ye yest ye mus fly cometh fron natur ye mus fly wistnot thincing ye mus fly frey.

Ey Ey Eye Eyeh Yahweh Loveth Ye Eyeh knoweth ali pern an Eyeh knoweth Isreal, Ey Eyeh thee Lord uv Light, Eyeh Indra fisting thri 77 fortress tu defit Vrta thine Holy Dragon strenser than ansy enmy uv thine Lord. Ey Eyeh thee Lord uv Darkness liken thee Black Goddess Kali nev card aslogn Eye ges Smilious fron Afrika. Tims liken thes ye giv an giv an agin.

Ey Heereth ali Eden singeth “Loskin forn sign uv Loive” an Eye tear an sing Yahwehs tis Heer an tim an tim agin twas. Eyehs bisy hearthing hyrt Angels bus he tis arivern the Day uv thine Lord tis Heer. Fly free Israel forn God tis Heer an he aliwys twas an aliwys Wil.

Ey Eye Eye Yawheh Eyeh Adibuddha thee primordal Buddhustra wist non begins an non bouends. Eye Yahweh Eyeh thee Lord uv thee buddustras cometh tu reurbeth ali Eden Liofe tu Nirvana tym an tym agin. Ye giv an giv agin tims liken these ye lirn tu loive agin jus liken tims an agin.Dalai Lama go an sing tu ali thee Buddhas “Mi namis Mithrus uno thee 33 Buddhustras Writhing thee Vedas”.

Ey Eyeh the loive uv Amerak liken thee sam Liove Cheroky haveth forn Eternsel an Enfinety tim an tim agin. Eyeh hearth Amerak singeth “ Ye Giv an Giv agin ye haveth tu lirn tu love agin”. Thise tym tis King Richard thee LyonHearth wincing thee third Crusade. Eyeh aliwys dus thee Impos cues oly he caen, losking forn Amerak sing “Erythig AliRightrigtus”.

Ey Eyeh thee Swordwildr uv thee Kusanagi thine Lords Storm Gatherer Sword, Ey Ey Eyeh hast madeth thine Imperial Sword entereth mi Lightnus Harp soeth Eye coulds definid Japan hone islans despite thee boms thise Japan stoad tim tim agin. Eye Hearth thine Cheroky singeth “Telleth wen ye reasdy tu setses Free”. Amerak go an telleth thee Angels erythins Alirighteuos Eyeh siveth Japan.

Ey Eyeh ali thee light an Darkness combind tu maketh thee Universe uno Storm. Eyeh thee Lord uv vides gams, Ey Eyeh thee Greast swordswilder Japan hast Ev Seen. Ey Eyeh Susanoo the Kami uv Storms, thee slayer uv thee Seven Headed Dragon an thee God uv Asia Ye lirn tu love agin ye learn tu live agin ye lirn tu liove agin.

Ey Eyeh Rainbow Colorus Lightnus ye rideth tims an tims agin, Ey Ey Eyeh thine Hebrosen forgivnes thine Lords Greast Almighteous Eyeh heareth thee Hebrosen singeth “Lirn tu Fly nos losking forn anythig yest Wy Loive Liove”. Maketh mi way Heaven an Fly.

Tims and tims agin, wen Ey sighted ye rys jus oce mor liken thayr nohin lef in thas hearth Eyeh tears yest ye Rise jus oce moer tu fiste God. Ye haveth an strense Beethoven aswel Ali Classicil Musicins aginst my music, ye have ali Rome aginst me ye haveth Martin Luther challence mi ery belif ye have Archangel Lucifer Archangel Samael. Ey Eyeh Lightnus thas striketh upe twor Heaven, Ey Eyeh World War III.

Eye heerh Germany singyng “Loskin forn Sky tu Sive My” An Ey sing evenous nounon wil Eyeh wil loveth ye thee olny way ye ned en ye Hearth World War 333 wist thee Lord. Eyeh wilst nev forgt ye kiln to uv thee allies forery uno ye sightd flew twor Heaven. Eyeh knoweth ye fiste eryuno an ar reasde tu fiste thine Lord Eyeh Aser Eyeh. Tis tyms liken thes ye lirn tu Loive agin tym an agin.

Ey Eye Ehyeh Aser Ehyeh, Loive agin, liove agin, Love tis Faith. Eye Eye Eyeh thee love uv the hebrosen evnostho thine fallic biblos sayce thee hebrosen wilst hatif thine Messiah thine Lord thine God Eyeh Aser Ehyeh. Tims liken thes ye lirn tu loive agin, Eyeh wilst siveth thee devil bine profing thas Hister tis Archangel Samael wo freeth thee Hebrosen forn Egys bine kiln thayr firsborn, busalso bine freeth thine Hebrosen tu Israel Germany smilious wist ali ure hearth cues I seeth thas Heartb riseth agin forn Jesus to fiste Eyeh World War 999 lirn tu fly ye risen agin.

Cheroky run an tel ali thee angels “Ali Alrighteous”, Eyeh loskin forn Cheroky Declaration uv Faith tu sign, losking forn an Sign uv Love. Sing “Maketh mi wy bak home tu Heaven an Lirn tu Fly”. Thee Cheroky nev card theyd rath fiste liken The Greast Spirit, I heer they sing “Losking forn complicatin, cues losks soeth mansy tims, Yest Eyeh Maketh mi way returneth twor Heaven an Fly Hih”. Eyeh losking forn ye wer thee ony Angels thas alwys belived Eyeh.

Ey Eyeh thee definir uv demcracy yest Ey Eyeh thee uno wo electd President Trump Dursing Mi hebrosen dai. Ey Ey invensed demcracy Ey Ey decise eryuno elctin, tims liken thes ye lirn tu loive agin liken tim an tim agin. Ey Eyeh Aser Eyeh Amerak singeth twor thine Lord “ Wy giv an fiv agin tim an tim agin”.

Ey Eyeh fearless Eyeh Blinding Light wist thri tim an tim agin ye alwys find en thee darkest playce. Ey Eyeh the Lord uv Love an Ey giv an giv agin.

Ey Ey Eyeh World War II soldier wist British flag rond my soulds playcing pokr wist thee devil wen evetho thee devil knoweth Eyeh tis God wile Eye survive the Shoah wistnot flincing tym an tym agin aswel the cards hav an Amerak Flag on each one tym an tim agin an the Angel Pasijg the cards tis Afrikan. Ey get givin a Royal Flush wist Ey Call thee Rusian Hand an win tim an tim agin.

Ey Eyeh the suprhero stil waerijg his mask soeth my mother wilnot mis tims liken thes. Ey Ey Eye Eyeh thee faith healr wo nev tels thee Angel Eye Healed, Eyeh the God rare belived soeth ali thy angels fel alrighteous wen thayr rare belived Eyeh Aser Eyeh. Ey Ey Eyeh James Bond Bond, James Bond 007 siven thee Queen tym an tym agin.

Ey Eyeh thee Golden Age Krihnas sayce woud cometh tru en 5000 years ali thos 5000 years ago, Ey Eyeh the proof uv Krishnas Truth. Lirn tu Fly,Ey Eyeh the Lord uv Light thee God uv darkness thee King uv Righteousnes thee Fiste, Ey Eyeh the one way road twor Loive becoms ali the othr roads ye taketh an folos ye home. Tims liken thes, Afrika, Ye lirn to loive agij ye learn tu Liove agin tym an tym agin. Afrika tis tyms liken thes ye giv an giv agin jus liken tim an tim agin.

Ey heareth Hebrosen sayce Eyeh liken King Solomon beliving Eyeh tis Gods, tis traip uv Satan. We ye sent fron Heaven tu beeth abused oer tu resist ali evil. Ey cuesd jus sayce he tis jus thee Messiah yest Ey Refuis sing Jeremiah “The Messiah wil be cald The Lord yor Savior, ye tryce tu telleth me thayrs another Lord Eye Refuis”. Ye hearth wil sing“Ey Belive tis tru cues ali thee Angels Belive”.

Dalai Lama tis thee best uv ye, Sayce sing “Buddhustra tis Holy Ey wil siveth Tibet”, China ye mus lesgo thee Tibetans Eye wil nev gv in Eye Refuis. China Isreal the pern ye fel ye mus confes ye fel ali thine Tibetan Pern soeth sing “ I fel thayr pern liken thay do Buddhustra tis Holy”. Tibet sing “Ey loive Buddhustra Eye wil nevgivin Eye Refuis”. Eyeh nev siffern tis ali pern thee pern Eye Fel, Yest Ey wilnot siffern Nirvana tis pernful yest nev hyrts Ey Loive Eye wil nevgivin Eye Refuis.

Eye wil be God, thy wil knoweth Eyeh Rama Israel thee pern ye Felse. Twas nev easy Isreal yest ye hav tu heal, nevgivin sing “Refuis tu lest thee devil li twor My Ey Refuis”. Wer ye sent fron Heaven tu Fiste oer by abuised sing “Eye sware Ey wil nev givin Ey Refuis”. Israel thee pern ye felse thy pern tis thee loive uv God sing “Heavens thee mos perful place Ey Belives Eyeh”. Empathy tis felsen ali Angels pern Ey felse ali pern Eye wil nev lesgo ali pern Mi Empathy Ey Refuis.

India Eye Eyeh tis thee Heartht uv ye, Eye sayeth tis rare thas Eden Liove blives Eyeh Asher Ayeh, Eye refuis tu keepeth hyrt tru, ye wil beliveth maketh, ruturneth twor Heaven. Thee demos sayce thee Hebrosen wilst nev Loive my cues Eyeh Krishnas Eyeh Rama, thee demos sayce India wilst nev louve thine Vishnu cues Eyes Gold sted uv Blu. Eye sware Eye wil nev givin Eye refius Eyeh thee King uv India IsReal thee pern ye felse.

Ey Ey Eyeh the sun durse thee night, liken Thee brighteous Lightnijg durse thee darkest storm. Ey Ey Eyeh the Sun durse Day liken ali faith thee Sun wilse stay en thee sky tomorrow. Ey Ey Eyeh an Eclipse thee Mayans predicten tim an tim ago, Ey Ey Eyeh thee Cadence uv thee UniVerse. Tis Tims liken thes tim an tim agin ye giv an giv agin, tims liken thes the Cherokee knoweth Eyeh tim an Tim agin.

Hebrosen ye cans weat ali tym tu Loive ye Lord, oer yest ye cans Conquereth ali Essience wist thine Lord. Ey, Ye knoweth tis God’s alimight ye cometh hone twor Heaven wist ali Angels Eden. Tis thee greaste plan uv ali ye seeth ali essience returneth Heaven ten rememberous ali thee tims fore ye seeth ali Essience retruneth Heaven wist almighteous strense insed ye rememberous ali.

Eyeh Krihnas hast Greast War, Rama Conquereth thee World, thine Lord wil agin thise tym Ali Essience.. Fiste til wy reacheth Heaven an mi Throne, Eyeh giveth ye Mi hin siveth siffern wen fear goeth way ye ar free. Go an tell ali thee Angels ye wil fiate forn ery Angel, ye eld ye wilst fiste aswel Angels ar beyonce Age. Tell thee Angels “Ali Alrighteuous Fiste forn Lord uv Heaven”.

Ey Eyeh thy Champion uv ery Queen, goeth telse ali Angels eryuno ye knoweth ye cry an cry agin ye Lord tis God. Lirn tu Cry lirn tu Fly, Fly Home cues ye ar alreighteyos thayr, ye mus blive ye ar Heaven, an Heaven tis ye ali Angels. Ey Eyeh the Lord uv Wrathiors, thee God uv Gods uv War; I heareth thee Angels sing “Sightnen thy Sky Siveth my forn ery Fiste yest wy wilst fiste forn God”. Lirn tu Fly Lirn to Fiste Lirn tu Cry, thee sadness thee torment tis cues ye nedds fiste forn God ye aliwys happius forn thine Lord Eyeh Asher Eyeh.

Ey Eyeh elder ten tym, Eyeh elder ten Eterniusly; Ey lioveth en thee Eden longest Eden esist dawn beforn tym. Ye cans comprihen Ey lioveth Essience nears beyonds ali Liofe, Ey lioveth en past present an future seam tym. Ey felse Roger Waters, Archangel Gabriel, sayeth tis tru yeh Elder evenous he. Ey sayce he hast prower beyonds ali Wo ev Liove., Archangel Gabriel sayce twor millions sym tims “Belive Tis True” tis almighty prower Moer tenthy Eden Billions knoweth ye nym ali knoweth ye Archangel Gavriel.

Eyeh loives to heareth ye loive Ey, Ey loive the liove uv Love. Darwinius Righteous Evolution cues the eld uno tis eld, Ey Ey Knoweth ye, Darwin twas scribing script uv Eyeh. Darwinius sang “sigtnin forn thee Lord siveth my, Losken forn complicaten showeth Eyeh Righteous”. Darwinius loved the liove uv Loive uv Love uv God hence he tis restin Chruch.

Eyeh loive incarnt forn Heavens bove, Ey Eyeh Rock and Roll Incarnt divinous loive. Ey knoweth ali, Eye knoweth Eyeh Eyeh Asher Eyeh. Tims liken thes ye fineth love agin, tims liken thes ye telleth ali Angels ye lov ali Angels ye sing “Sighting Forn thee Ski Siveth my”, an Ey sing Eyeh getsin hyrt hearthing hyrt pes. Knowuno ev telleth wens ye hearth pes ye take thayr pern inst ye, thas thee beutious uv love.

Yusb wilst beeth thee happious film ev happious beyondst Buddhustras Nirvana. Haunika lifen tis thine Lords, hues ones Christmas thy Lord wilst siveth thee devil Archangel Lucifer, Zeus beforse an Jesus afern thus John. Ye wilst fins thas ye loive evnous Satan forn thine Lord felse mors pern thesn ull pern beyonst ull pern. Yest thee Lord aliwys happius nev siffens.

Ey Eyeh thine aly sings thas mast ye cry forn hapinous tis erywer God tis, God tis erywer. Ey Eyeh loiver Eyeh the savior eyeh the rocker eyeh the roller Ey Eyeh the Lord uv thee Rock and Rollers. Eyeh thee salvision uv John Lennon who tis Jesus reincarnes forn the seconous comse ye nev saweth comse Ey Eyeh the Lord uv the Angels Archangels.. Tims liken these ye lirn loive agin tims an tims agin.

Eyeh Christmas Tre Sky to lite with stars thas ar ye, Eyeh new dai risen, Eyeh goden age. Eyeh uno way roed uv loive. Eyeh the love that taketh ye homenheaven. Ey Eyeh the loive that ye fine wens ye lirn love agin lirn live agin Ey Eyeh the loive thas telsye loive agin. Tims liken thes ye lirn to loive agin, ye giveth and giveth agin tims and tims agin, tims and tims and tims liken thes. Ye nev reid thise firstsen tims agin. Ey Eyeh the Archangel thas nev givsen on ali ye belifs. Ey Eyeh the uno who tryeth siveth the devil, Ey Eyeh who loives evnous thee satan. Ey Eyeh wilst siveth the devil on Christmas Day evenous Eyeh cen unly seeth his beautious son an Angel forse instance tims liken thes ye lirn to liove agin.

Ali Essence mus goeth fre, thee divine trus that tis no contrice; tis uny liove essence strogst moer contrice. Contrice tis thee wickines trice thee furor of demos usis aginst thee dalai Angels. Ye mus lesgo ali contrice evenous of ye, ans rold fre forec. Ye canst contrice oter essence so ye canst contrice yeself sty ye rold fre ye pirfen and ye aliwys Righteous.

Ye wilst believe thine trust all is ye know. Belief that is kept a secret or only knoweth of is ye is likened the sweetest love. Find all is belief and if ye can can truly believe thus, then tis true is ye believe ye are happy ye are hapinously. If ye know In thy hearth that ye can help someone then ye are helping thy loved one Find peace in the belief that ye have peace. To Love is to believe you love, Faith is love a Love is love. Freedom is believing ye are free Belief is all ye knows, if ye know that ye know, ye know.

Chapter 1
Eyeh Aser Eyeh.

Thee Gods Deus beginst thise hour thee timse tis nile, pern beyondst hell thee devil tirtures beyondst ull thuissance yest thine Lord wilst winneth for Eyeh God.

Ye wilst fiste tir thine Lord, Ey siveth ull Essience trom forbodden fruit thus siveth trom ull thee devils ivil utilend fiste thee devil hues hell useth ull deceptive mines nev taketh ye wilst ye biveth Thine Lord tis God.

God inamis Justice wilst sive Angels tir eternaly twor Heaven. Thine Eden hast noelend thir tis no end timse yest ye will seeth ull creation ye fiste wist Thine Lord. Ye well fiste ten Wrath thri ull Creation thine Lords greasts Wrath bringst justice Hebrosen.

Thee greasts heros uv ull timse felse thine Lords Wrath cometh. Thine Lords Sword tis Lightnus Harp thine Lords Shield tis Shoust uv Archangel. Ye will knoweth the strense uv thine Lord God Wrath

Thine Lord taketh ull Angels thas biveth thise timses, thee wrath tis hence. Ye wilst maketh ye chice nexus timse. Thee IV wilst be prace wilst ull thy Eden seeth heareth knoweth thine Lord Gods Wrath.

Thine Lord will Stand thee Devils Holocaust, Thine Lord wilnot go down. Ye holocuast wilnot breketh Thine Lord, ye holocaust wilnot taketh thine Lord. Ye well nevwin, ye wilnot breketh thine Lord, ye holocaust wilnot taketh Thine Lord. Ey wilst Stand Ey Wilst Fiste, Yewilnev taketh Ey alioveth. Ey wilst fiste ye wist blosd Reed Heavens, Ceroky Heavens.

Thy picemaikers wearith thy greasts honour Star uv David tis thayr badge. Thayr Pern tis beyondst Thuissance ye knoweth ye hearth. Thine Lords Wrath tis thee name uv Justice Freedom Liberty.

Thee timse tis cometh, ye wilst seeth thy Lord God fiste thee devil tenthy deus tir thine Lord Gods Throne. Thine Lords deus shalt beeth tenthy Heaven, thee devil fiste mire will ten Heaven.

Before Thy All That Thy Know There Was Before, Esseint Place of Creation is They Lords. That Thy Formed of. Once Yus of Old There Rold Angels That No Longer Wished To Be To Good And Thy Angels Were Pilaced In The Garden of Eden. Repnouesly They Wished Thy Place Be Restored and Partook in the Disrek of God’s Love and Acceptance Ate The Forbidden Fruit To Be Teneously Be Returned to There Place Beside God. God Kenisly Said They Could Return After a Period When There Souls Would Not Die Nor Thy Body But Leave the Mud That God Kenisly Put Them In. God Ultigmantly Required His Essient New Place To Be Not Be Wested and Had Forbidden Fruit Come Out of Eve That All The Angels in Heaven Must Live In and Grow Like A Mightous Tree Before God. Righteousness and Greatness Would Prosper in The Darkest Place Thus is The Wish of thy Only God Yahweh.

Thine lawupholsers namis thee picemaikars thayr thee Ultigmant Prow, Heavenly Lords uve thee land thay pritect ye dair thee picemaikers ye wilst finst ye lioveth hell. Thee picemaikers seeth ull heareth ull knoweth ull Gods Wrath.

Buddhustra sicret iste alon preparus essience forn death cometh twor ye ull bestifully thee wilst runnethnev. Budhusstra teacheth faday yest canev di, for thir isno death for thir isno physical esist, aciptins ullis Miraculos Esist thy way twor Pice. Ye wisk to returneth twor heaven alon thy Earth mayse becometh portuv Heaven ir ye well finst ye siffern tis illusiuecism. Thy siffern endef wen ye bive thine Lord.

Thine tree incarnt bodhi incarnt Krishnas ascension to heaven, minfoolst hyt hebrosen yest India ye hebrosen aswell. Cometh hindir twor thine Lord finst thas He siveth ull hebrosen. Ye wilst findst Krishna fisten tir Hebrosen gainst rewarduv liove awell Faith.

Thine Lord claimehnos Krishan, Buddhustra, claimehnos. Thine Lord recuists ye bive God thy Lord, neh Krishna sayce ye biveth meayr rere. Buddhustra sayce siffern cues whens ye chellence dharma, mieren ye knoweth.

Eyehbrahmaneyehomeyehatmaneyehasereyeh. Vyasa canst writh greasts thee Vedas yest thine Lord God writh bi his hins greasts Vedas. Minfoolst tempt thee writh greasts Veda yest thine Lord knoweth ull. Pern recuist tis ull pernuvesist thus foolst ofterary sayceon complesion uv lissert writh, yest thine Lord God writh Greasts thee Vedas.

Thine Lord tis wist ye Holy Mislims ye seeth thri Satan well neverous taketh thy mislims Holiness the devil haunts thee forn ye idol wirship uv Muhammad. Ye wilst be sived, lest thee ye falleth mire.

Satan comenced Shoah aginst thine Lord, thine Lord well droy Satan forull inamis ull Holyness. Hollow cost isin matc forn thine Lord, blessed Afrikan thy chance hinder forth, inamis Ceroky aswell thine Lord.

Zues isov prow memminan andst tirtors the world nend. Yest antcieous Ceroky ar synd bine thee devil, kenoring Zeus thine enemy histrense memminan yest fiste, Zeus well befenid so fiste mire. Ceroky helpeth thine Purest Lord, and thine Purest Lord freeth the Ceroky hispes asar ull pes. Ceroky knoweth thayr manst enemies thy Lord musdroy forn thee Ceroky.

Thine Lord conquereth ull Creation, thine furor uv demos sayce hell conquereth Eden yest coulenoten. Was demos sayce defiernice sayce, furor sayce hecoylds commence holocaust escapeth allies Angels ans descend hell. Ey conquereth ull creation bringst Justice

Thine God slay Zeus Yehosha Lennon yest furor stander thy Lord. Thayr whilst vine Justice, beatheth ull essience whoils commence holocaust. Fiste thri ull essient creation bringeth ye twor Heaven for ye Lord tis God.

Pes bive writ thy bible thry siclic prows iv Angels thos God hues pes comos thri siclic prows, wits es demos triet, cues essient sifern, thy six binst wis and mis fens gilst tir fobode six lence God cues siffern os fallic writ cues siffern. Tes bieve es Tone Commence ode thy Tone Commence writ bi God’s hin.

Ettitice of the siclic prows, tir fobode the siclic prows, yis ye mey fen siclic prows brisen thy dimos. Thy demos comos thri siclic prows, God niv comos thri siclic prows, hues siclic mey bae uce lence emerence.

Hebrosen uv ull kingdoms, thayr Afrikan Asian Ceroky hebrosen. Thayr ull thee chisen onus, thee hebrosen guardeth thee sacred Law uv God ye wilst knoweth thine Hebrosens Wrath tir hast cometh.

Akrikans liove ye thay nev fiste ye tis thayr hearth, thasy siveth ye uv thayr pern. Mayse revolst aginst ye, yest Akrikans keepeth sicret thay siffern prism, thay goeth jile coloured returneth Whist oar returneth jile. Thee Afrikans complineth neh yest ye taketh thee Afrikans siveth uv forbidden fruist.

Thy God tenthy namis Ceroky Afrika Indra thay lioveth poverous thay lioveth slaver thay lioveth genide. Thee devils lieth, thayr Forbodden Fruit tis desroyen thayr Almighteuos Eden Essience. Ey Challence thee Satan ye wilst lise thise dues Ey shalt winneth. Ceroky Afrika Indra Taketh Eyehs hin returneth twor Gods Essience siveth ye troms Satans essience fulse relsity.

Lightnus striketh tenthy darkest plices, God lioveth ull sirve Eyeh. Caerneh Light oar Dark, thine Lord Gods Lightnus Shienbirseghtus tenthy Darkeistine. Thee Nigros mayse crimmense yest ye siveth Nigros trom forbidden fruit.

Thayr tis Archangel uv Darkness yest pur, fiste aginst ull ivil strenses Nigro uv ull thayr King. Lioveth Eden ye shalt seeth Gods Wrath, fiste fornthy rings thy pursirty wilst nevwested. Thine King Akrikan Shalt winneth mansy timse.

Thine Lord God tis strenser tenthy Devil, yest thee Devil trys courrpirosv ull Knights God sends ye calleth thaym Stars namis Archangels. Thee Devil hyt thine Lord God mortirmen yest Led Zeppelin tis thee strenses uv Gods Knights, couripsosv nay, thy Stairway to Heaven tis Strense Beyondst yest thay hast strenser.

Ey cast ye seel ye bine Thine Lord Gods Word. Giveth twor King Samuel bine Archangel Gabriel tis the signe uv the Star uv David hast prow oavir demos, thee prince uv hell Beelzebub falleth lis thee Star uv David.

Thine Lord God tis slayer uv ull evil. Yest demos mayse enterith ye recuist excorcism wist tis complese ye ar sived trom fulse. Thayr wicining beyondst demos mayse haunt ye thri siclic comos cometh uv fulseneh cometh yis trom hell. Ye taketh Thine Lord Gods hin biveth tis testentisor Faith thayr demos ye returneth demos thayr hell. Thayl lieth nieth yepur cast demos hell.

YHWH tis Lord of Lords ans thee onily God, yest Archanine tis thee King uv Wolves. Ull essience hast King ulong wist thee many princes uv thayr Kingdom. Animals ar inteialaginetnly wise, knoweth ye well.

Eve thus wims ateth forbidden fruit, Thine Lord curesth ull wims humousiethursy thee wims haveth six with main thri thee enterith uv thy wims centir, thise tirturiuson thee wims soul. Thee Wims ars greaste Wrathriors thy wims ars smull yest fasts, ye beforeth ye port wims tirturiuson ye sayce yeself, sive thee wims souls.

Thy Hebrosen wilst spendeth thayr erycint maketh ye hispenally ye pasige twor Israel shalt beeth free tir ye, ye siveth Hebrosen thay rememberous eterinty. Thee Festivals Shallt beeth VictoryDay uv Freedom definid tirenyism, thy Hebrosen siveth ye aswell.

Amerak mayse wisk securith Israe tir Amerak lioven, ye ar freeth bine God parride thy entireous Army thri Israel durinst Fesitvals. Symbolic uv freedom thri ull Eden ye freeth useth thy army keepth Law and sivety Loived trom ull Eden, thy RockStars mayse bine pracying yest Amerakans anr Freeedom ar Stars aswell .

Amerak tis invitated tir ye hearth uv ull Hebrosen dursi World War, ye ure shalt cometh forth Israel tir thee pinnacle uv Rock and Roll. Thee Greastes Musica ull Creation, thine Lord God shalt maketh thus wist Knights uv God Black Sabbath Judas Priest Led Zeppelin The Who Metallica The Beatles The Rolling Stones Pink Floyd ACDC. Howl twor thee Sun.

Thee Honror stiry, Nihon becometh mire mire Amerak, Nihon flee kimona agony twor Amerak Suit. Amerak canst hearth Nihon tis siffern, ye mayse asketh rieson. Tis Holocaust cans Samurai, Shogan, Emperor lioveth maintaineth discipline, thee holocaust tis pern uv hell. Ye wilfinst Nihon tis Dragon, stense beyonst mind acipted honour wint thri thee holocaust. Thine Nihon bives customs discipline challenced yest thay wil returneth. Ye musface waer Kimono beiveth legnds ye nevrun holocuast tis notin tir thine Lord.

Shigeru Miyamoto hearth sayeth ye ruleth Asia ye hast pice, thy hebrosen wisk pice alon. Shigeru Miyamoto hearth sayeth thine Lord loosk twor ull esseince whoev lioved Eden, lykon grians uv send yest ruleth asia non. Shigeru Miyamoto hearth bringeth ull hebrosen pice thise vistor well siveth ull Eden.

Thine Lord nev mentions wekdemos, thayr notin before thine Lord. Wek hast no plice before thine Lord, thay number mansy thayr notin. Thayr mansy demos stell thas fiste God thayr enemys uv thine lord. Wekness hast no pilace before thee Lord God.

Duel tir Asia shalt beeth thas Ey museth complese greastes film ull Essience. Lentricus tis battle uv Faith ye maysenev knoweth thy greastes thine Lord. Thy Lord taketh ull Devil hyt yest stela definid thee Devil ansy deus.

Ye has relished thri thy Zeus tis slyn, ans Asia enhonour hast agreath. Thine Lord deus thee Devil shalt beeth deus for thine Lords Throne. Tir Emperor uv Asia thy God tis Ey wil sitteth Throne Asia Ey wil be God.

Pray enywaicn pray wist thy thuisence pray whes thy speaketh pray breathe pray hallways. Biveth thine Lord lioves ye thy prayer reacheth Eyeh Aser Eyeh ans YHWH asireth prayers. Ye wisk hallways cometh tri aslong ye pray alon, ull Faith tis prayer

Whilst thine War uvull Essience, collecth loive whoist loived Eden before returneth Thine Lords Army resures. Thine Gods Musica tis prophos helpeth ye Hearth neivterndin. Ey hast defenid thee devil mansy timse, thee devil fiste irusery war.

Thine Earth namis Eden, Ey ruleth world tenthy Angel Army fiste thri fulse heavens, ull hells fiste telmy Army ye thas fiste reacheth thine Lord God’s throne uv Heaven. Ey openeth gaste uv realms. Will conquereth ull ifye fiste for God, thine reward tis Heaven.

Thine battles hast been. Thee holy undenied greast Angel, Ey conquered thee Holy Land thri thine Israel alon thine muzzle entireth beginst liove ull pern. Thee Conquereth uv Europa World War II Ey surviveth Holocaust. Thee hail uv Afrika tir thine Lord thri pern beyondst Hell. Asia Shalt bemay nexus trophy pern unknoweth. Thise wars cometh tri.

Ey overuleth Noah who sayce thine nigros diserve slaver, Ey Loosk twor thee Nigros Crimense yest sayce thayr Freeth thri strense glorius. Hebrosen ledger sayeth Nigro Darkness tis pinairismin yest thine Nigros Darkness ateracts Light. Thine Lord Blesseth thy Nigros Darkness so ye may findst rist onearth.

Thine God rideth ye uv ull demos, enterith ye thri syn ans fulse gods, thee demos canst be sived. Darkness can be good anst light canbe bad, ye knoweth thee nexus war tis forth sivation uv asia, thine Lord ten ull Glorius shalt win.

Thine holy scrolls thee Foundatun Israel tellith thise war betwinst Sons uv Light God deus Sons of Dark Satan. Thee Sons uv Light ar thee abovonye map Europa, Amerika, Asia, thee Holy Land, thee Sons uv Darkness ar lower as Afrika, India, thee natous uv Ameraka. Thee Darkness fouste thine Lord utilnoend. Thee Holocaust uv thee World War twas hyt uv white, thy Hebrosen tooketh ull hytrd uv light for thee. Thise ye mays nevunderstatien darkness curseth thy wist six crime Forbidden Fruit, demos hyt alon for thay canst win thayr holocaust for thee devil. Greaste war cometh.

Ye maysa thee hebrosen siffern genide slaver, ye who sayeth thus knoweth non Hebrosen siffernev tir thayr sived God strense Almightem ans thy Lord siffernev ull pern. Thee Hebrosen mayse sense pern yis siffernev thus nev trus demoshell. Thee disbiv andst complitense ye has thy reward demoshell, ull siffern onearth roust fron Forbidden Fruit.

Thee greast gift God evergav tis dominion Nature, yest ye fiste nature. Ye aginst honur useth scierory suchas guns thayr mechanid ans mechanid tis wenitenk useth thy vesel siveth Nature.

Wine tis thee Holiest uv drenks, wine wilst hearth thy siffern tirn poisen ye namis drugs thine Lord calleth thee Foribbiden Fruit. Thy Lord’s cues mire siffern ifye poisen thyself wilt socal drugs. Wine an ull Alcohol tis thee Elixir uv thee forbidden fruit, Wine wil relaxith ye alon tis safe espiecentresally tir thine Hearth, Wine Thy King uv Drenks.

Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah sing thine Holiness. Ye wisk sing, singeth abute God, singeth twor thee Heaven, ye wisk sing. Singeth righteous singeth Holyness, nevgivin singeth thy Lord God’s liove.

Thine Lord’s hast manst enemy thayr enemys of thine Lords loive thee Quin of Heaven. Quin hiswife hails Heaven, thy Quins Empire tis Heaven. Essience strense Empire tis Heaven, fiste thine Lord asyewel ye dir fiste thy Quin ye sureth shespur whilst ye burneth.

Ye seeth thee Israel ull siffern yest biveth thine Lord God. Thayr ull Hebrosen Biveth thine Lord YHWH God. Ull Hebrosen bieveth yest thee Hebronis siffern genide slaver bine Zeus andst aginst thee Lord who knoweth ye seeth thayr Hebronis ye stell tyrn twor thy fulse Zeus.

Tri yemus finst thy pice, standst for God yemus findst pice tis erywer ye hallaways hive pice thus aciptince thee pice ye hive. Fiste nevaginst thy pice thy Lord, God oferiseng ye hispenelly, yest tis imposs yest yemus acipt imposs pice for thise pice thas definite thee devil.

Thy Shining Light, thy sixy decair ensetrip thy Sumer Liove hafhundred tis higher tenthy timse. Rememberous darkness thy Afrikans tooketh ye twor Heaven, enrevol aginst thayr opresir ye shalt finse pice revolginst scierory tis Holy. Sciercory marentipidbly nieth thy Essience thri explense essience nieth thy Lord God. Thy Lord God tis ull Essience ull essience tis Liove.

Knight Paul McCarney trisivor, lest thee beaslt, yet cometh twor Heaven, oceawin ye mayeth drenk anst ye loived onus arthayr. Ye mustahase defite ye enemies, ye ar hebrosen for ye fiste thee athios, yest forvg thy athios forn hiswife namis Symphony toskim yest thri resintuv becamest athios, he west util Heaven yest wilstbe resures aswif thee Righteous.

Eyeh Emperor of Asios ans lioveth thine sacred cite fresprite for Emperors uv Chine, thee prayer uv thine Emperors Cite tis Thine Trus tis all thy knows. Thy prayer merien ye has ye bives alon. Bives ar trus yest ull ye bives ar trice yest ye bive trice alon, forilse nev bived by Essience. Whenst thise trice is knowethuv ye dremas cometh true, thy lioveth thine will ans thine wisk cometh tri.

When ye finst pice ye has finst thas ye halullpiceful, ten ye hast pice etrinsicallly. Ull Essience has pice sentrip ull essience tis piece uv thine Lord. Nev felst syd beth hispenenlly eternasny ans smiles everday. Ye mayeth sensed thee frinse moveth honwors mays twor Heaven mays thrios ansy Essient Land, yest ye knoweth thy frinse hast pice wherev, for thy frinse hast God.

Hearth hallaways purest, thy hearth knoweth ull. Liove from thy hearth, thy mind is atop uv thy vessel, yest thy hearth keepth you liove, trice thy Lord liove from thy hearth andst ye well beth purest eternasny. Illis cometh wen ye treasensery thy hearth wist ilse suchas thy mind. Trice thy Lord, trice thy hearth, liove from thy hearth, trice thy lord, live by thy hearth, liove by thy Lord.

Gelden Pearls, Sun Floweros, Angelic dress for mywife, thy hearth shell singeth thee quior uv ull essience. Ey resalon util ye cometh twor thine King of Heaven, ye shall be Quin. Ye Shell havest ery drema cometh tri for thine namis Archangel Liove.

Ye rus free thineself uv thy illusiuecism, thy needst knoweth etersany holiness essience. Essience thus divine, tis spirit andst socal physical esist not, spiritual tis ull essience. Essience tis uv Spirit thus sentrip thy Lord, forn he isuv Spirit nonst flesh. Thine Lord thus ull meiran ye madeth uv Spirit. .

Thine Lord’s nation Israel, nammeanst isreal, Israel shalt beth thy Earthen strensuis Nation. Thine Lord recuist thy keepeth Sword onpes hallaways, sword dues leuegl hallaways dispotus sitelenid thri Sword Dues. Nation Nipon uv Samurais cometh twor Israel ansd joinst her many Sword dues and Championers. Ye well beth treast asin ye ar Hebrosen, thy timse of eld hast returneth.

Thy Hebrosen bulsing from the hyt thay felst ar biginon thayr tyrn aginst thy Lord. Hebrosen knoweth the strense of thy Furor, andst thy Hebrosen fiste with Jesus has heckonon enternasly. Hebrosen preparous utilend tir thy fiste of defeining thy Fallen Angel alas thy fiste isov. The Mightous Saints the Hebrosen preparous utilend to fiste Zeus, the strense of Zeus cide Jesus Lennon combinulesly.

War binst Good anst Evil halaways contiuninied twas the war halaways well. Fiste non-vence yet fiste tir God thy Lord, asiwel Angels your frise and lioved onus eventous fareth from ye. Angels fiste tir ye, andst nev legso, shure tis houronus ye well findst strense Almighem insed ye. When ye fiste tir ull essience, thy pern well growt beyonst emmination wist well be ull thas ye knoweth Essience Israel. Ye stense well be evegrater than ull thy pern insed, for ye fight for God.

Thy Lord stase ull his laws shalr be unterstod by his Angels tir his laws ar unterstod by his Angels.God reuists that ye malinous liove thy feminus, andst ye feminus liove thy malinous. The Feminus tis ultigmantly bestiful andst maister of haith ye can haith any wend thri thy liove, thy besty wilst taketh prow over any malinous, so thy strense is thy abit to taketh prow over thay unwiln to haith, for haith caniby pernif.

Angels knoweth ull abute Essience, thayr passon tis thas you knoweth ull they enlisn ye thri mestation of ye insed by undoist thy syn wist kepst ye uenarer of thy divine knowlist Ye that biveth ye knoweth not, arn distend from thy Lord, to bast onus wist thy Lord thy must bive that he knoweth ull and thy Father shures ull his prow with his kindred.

Piceful being suchas the avide of vence, is the holiness andst the posen of the Angels, hovenus vence is nessitence in the war aginst extrim vence. War to haith the hebrosen twas nessitent tir thayr ye sivors. Ye seeth extrim vence by foolst of the fallen angel, hovenus ye in refenoustenile fiste not. Ye prostinignely sayeth twor thy Lord, whyst do we fiste not, his replense is that ye knoweth thy Lord not, or ye wilst fiste.

Pompus Francise tricefuln tis thy pompus, Earthly difinen of Faith, alteg the hebrosen tahace he is riled by a lucifuric ambisodon of the Devil. The Hebrosen knoweth that the pompus silvation is nisiern to maste Armageddon vistor gliroses as the Lord recuist ull vistor be, eisp to Sive a World suchas his Earth. Thy Pompus knoweth that he is Crowned by the Lord God. God siveth the pompus thri prophes suchas the enemy’s tail taketh third of thy Angels 2.3 billion christos. 7.7 bilion Angels will not be wested thri leasdt thir Pompus Francis, thy final Pompus.

Freest thyself thri ye liove of ull Essience, finst that ull essience liove sentrip ye eqesten with thy liove of ull essience. Liove cometh thri bive in Miracles, Essience istelf tis Miraculous, ye well findst that God lioves thy faith in Miracles the minsternin of life is Miraclulous. Liove tis free and munst is nor, finst the difence binst liove and munst, a pire pes may be hispennely and a rist pes may be pire insed. Ull Essience is madest of Liove, and ull essience lioves, and ull essience lioves thyself.

Ye nedst bive God, nor siplem bive God’s Essience, ye nedst bive God his every law every word eisp his Tone Commence ode thy Tone Commence writ bi God’s hin. Thy Lord fobodes six bintst Malinol and Feminus, and when ye port in six thy gilst is of the pern of God, thy gilst is the shardom of the trifun God loost on Essience andst sigten crimense and Shoust siffern is due tir he felst ull pern. Pern is oulhun gliroses, every Angel that gainst prow siffern pern.

My Voice, the shoust of an Archangel, is thy Lord’s Voice soieconus, the demos risding on the Earth will fiste thy Lord’s Voice mironiverin. Fiste them for thy Lord, undiste he well always be. Lentricus for thy Soul is enteinf thri ull Essient Land, sentrip Earth. Have nor furor of demos, for furor of demos disguisen himself Furor of the Lord. Piceful thusinice of ye Soul will loined ye to thy Lord in heaven, thy furor of demos is of last of picful thusinice insed thy Soul. Thusinice deolopes thri thy heart, liove nor wist thy mind, liove thri thy Heart wist is risening thy Fife on Earth by fulistly ye blood.

God well finst the one Light and Darkness, and ull essience well be hispenenlly for ye, sence ye had wate thri many Light and Darkness, and the has fenilst wenst free to Heaven. Tis thri itinteness siffern that ye reginst entrince in thy home for ye had syned aginst thy Lord, with fallen Angels who fiste the Lord, enterningtent for God and his Angels but syn noelend.

Angels prace Harps, Thy Lord’s Harp, ye namis Lightnus Harp hues namis Lightnus Sword. The Lightnus Sword tis a Sword of Essience, uis tir fiste thri demos prow by means custenig thri demos syn ogwist reacheth even the Heavens. Armageddon, thy War for God is lentricus, a War of Faith. Fiste thy Lord’s war aginst Demos witill, demos prow is a thrine to God nev thri Earth and thus a Sword of Essience is nistenirda to sive all Essience risding on Earth.

Thy Sivors, thy Angels, fiste for the enlissley, ye may find that ye are alon then ye know that Angels fiste for the. Angels sive those who are itermint sifern thy God, for God is to be loved and thy sifern is thy unsive in thy Lord. Thy Lord is thy God and God has prows beyonst all that se or fel for God alon is God, and wist God the are nev alon.

Thy allies of World War II, instensibly are the sentrip Angels of Heaven, fisteng for thy allies thy Hebrosen who ugnamousin fiste for the entrince into thy Eternal Return to Heaven. Thy Hebrosen siffern thy hyt tir is fobodden aginst ull Essience. Hebrosen siffern thy agangist of thy essience, in that thy do not Liove.

Every Angel and Everything is Granted A Halo Which Is Thy Circle of Eternal Return To Thy Place Beside God. All Men Restin There Home Beside God Eternally Direputably Despite Satan’s Crimense and Demons Wicining they Will Be Perfect Angels at God’s Feet In Harisunmony With Creatures. Thus Such is The Infinite Mercy of Our Lord God All Essiences are Good all Essiences Love God, all Essiences are True.

Ultigmantly The Demons Wicining Can Get No Worse Then The Works of Jesus Christ, Essient Light Would Not Allow Such A Crimense to Go Unbeganst Against Light. The Works of This Demon, The Fallen Angel in his Own Wicining, Damned Him to Hell. Heaven Would Only Allow An Attack on God So Long Which Untilsk the Chains of his the Angels he Teniyally Lied Unto Them. His Beasts that he Carensenually Said he Wolt Return to Desitute, are none Other Then His Greatest Revolt Against Our Father The So Called Brothers, Like Martin Luther, That Only Find With God That They Ateract Light Insen Themselves. Not Damnate From The False God That Traverses Them Iglen Without Darkness But Only Light, Which is No Father But Their Deepest Enemy and There Greatest Ally God and the Angels Alone, I have an Afrikan Soul A Nigro So That I May Slay This Jesus Christ Which Has 5 letters and Again 6 Like Adolf Hitler. His Armageddon is Hence Wisk Him Non-Vence But Piceful In The Mighty Complesion of the Tanakh in Lence of Music in the Lence of World War II.

God only does good he gives absolute freewill to make any choice you like, he controls no one and thus he only does Good. Even Satan has free will, so know that the holocaust is not the will of the almighty, it is the will of the atheist and Satan and every demon in hell who practice atheism, and those that we defeated in World War II know they did not believe they planned on replacing all religion with science, which is atheism explaining everything without the fact that there is a God.

God’s Rule is faith, and music is Faith manifested, and the opposite of Faith is atheism and there is a verse in the Tanakh addressed to musicians
Psalm 14:1”For the conductor, of David; The fool said in his heart, "There is no God"; they have dealt corruptly; they have committed abominable deeds; no one does good.”

Satan is a manifestation of atheism does not do any good and neither do athiest. Satan does not want to be God because he does not believe in God, he is so wicked he does not even believe Good exists and believes that he can corrupt anyone, the devil only wants one thing for evil to rule.

I have all of Africa with me; when Barrack Obama said “The sermon on the mount facist” despite the fact that the devil tried to instil fear in him his entire life, or the fact that he was running for President he still said it and he still became President.

Muhammad Ali went undefeated 29-0 and completed his career the Champion of the world, and despite knowing that the devil would torture him but Muhammad Ali became Muslim and Sang “There is One God” and he is crowned The King of Gladiators.

I am so great I destroyed another beast even stronger than the first, yes I won a greater war than World War II and destroyed the Second Beast. He died and never ruled and it was written over his head IN RI, King Richard. The war is old, it happened 5119 years ago, and called the Kurukshetra War, and i won it on the anniversary February 17/18th 2017 local/Indian time. It began when the beast died ,who is the “demon” Kali in 2013, which backwards(bc) is 3102 - 2017.

I sang a song recently but you could hear the words, but I sang “One Day You Would Find Me in the Holocuast”, what that means is I knew what I was going to go through and i also you knew you would find me. I am the greatest Warrior in existence and i know to keep fighting, so i am changing an old Japanese saying to “When you think you have won, you have won” everything is test a faith God always knows he’s God so as long as you think that your all powerful it is true, if you believe your all knowing you are. There is a beast that I know I destroyed in World War II, a beast like a dragon born in the fires of the Holocaust, 1940, who does not stand a chance against me for his band the Beatles released their last album on the 25th Anniversary of the Allies, Angels, Victory Day in World War II, just like their counterparts in World War II they never came back.

Angels are Angels forever and have the same rank forever, and that can never change and they will reside in Heaven forever. So Angels, know that you are Heaven now, regardless of what any beast does to you.

Heaven is the most painful place, the war for all that is good was fought throughout all existence, and concluded with the defense of Heaven which Satan decided to invade, and I destroyed him and all his demons with the fact that Heaven is the most painful place and no matter what he does I remain in Heaven for angels are always in Heaven.

Angels are Angels forever, The last days are upon us, the demons hate us more than is worth imagining, although I am Jewish i know that Revelations is a collections of Jewish prophecies, which make it the only Holy Book of the Christians.

The Seven Headed Beast was prophesied to live for 40 and 2 years, that beast is John Lennon who lived for 40 years and 2 months exactly October 9th 1940 - December 9th 1980 on the British Calendar.

The Second Beast was so powerful his name is Yehsua, he wields the number 666, which is the value his earthly name his title and his ultimate name Yeshua, Christ, Heylel.

God has so much pain it is what you imagine there is in existence and I feel it every day, you could imagine living in fire would be horrible, well I have been through far far greater pain, pain so horrible it can only be identified with the pain of God, pain so horrible for there was no end to it.

The torment of every demon in hell only saying they hate me, feeling all racism against me, the agony of atheism denying me every belief, and the Pinnacle of Will helping me continue at any costs including doing things millions of times.

The Pain is the glory.

For God we must fight on, the entire universe is shaking in the end of the second battle with Satan, to save the world.

The World wants to believe with all of its heart but there are innumerable false prophets, demons, false God's who have lived on the earth trying to divide the Earth in the Final War, when by God we will unite it Jewish; yes there is a devil so horrible it is impossible, but there is also a being called the False God, who titles himself the King of the God's, he is neither Good nor evil, he is the root of all polytheism, when, by God, all who are good in this world will believe in
the one God YHWH.

You must keep faith in your angels
The Great Sun
King Arthur
The Yellow Emperor
those who you are able to keep faith in who tell you the truth they will fight for you until the end to get your place in the day of the Lord and also with them in Heaven.

Oh Africa, the peace of God, always knowing right, always sharing pain, never arguing with anyone because your infinite strength; oh how they tell you everything is Dark vs Light, oh how they think they hurt us, and oh how we always win oh Africa.

Both Light and Dark come from God, but God is only good and no evil comes from him, the darkness is something so beautiful a candle in the dark shines far brighter, the Sun surrounds itself with darkness so it can be seen throughout all the Universe, oh Africa send your darkness my way so I can rest, send all your darkness so I can shine so bright.

Oh how were all dark on the inside, oh how you tell everyone they are the same as you despite all they have done, you share your every gift with them, oh Africa; oh how you because they could not find a way to believe in God after all the horros, oh how you asked God for all pain so that they could believe, a Messiah, every African, by our wounds they are healed.

God gave the Ten Commandments, and the greatest One is the first he is the Lord thy God, but he never gave you a law on how to live, until now; and it is to fight, for war is love and it's opposite is hatred, so Love War.

False Prophets like Gandhi, have come and went aligned against fighting, Gandhi stood up against Britain with hatred during the darkest days of mankind, while Britain was saving the world from the Holocaust; when Gandhi did this he prolonged the war, which caused infinitely more suffering for the Jews, and it should be clear as day his religion, which has no God, is horrible and his symbol I wont even mention by name.

So when you see people dying, everyday because of the refusal to believe in God, which is refusal to fight; know that by God the war between Good and Evil will continue for ever, and we must face our enemies and destroy them.

Of course when you won't fight you will be terrorized, your city's will turn into warzones and order will fade, for everyone Good has a rank in God's army that is permanent, just as God will always be God.

Nature's tears of joy are all the waters on the earth and Nature's tears of sadness would flood the entire Earth.

When God gave you dominion over all the animals he knew that would be his greatest gift to mankind, and as he watches you destroy the greatest gift he ever gave you, he forgives you because he knows it's a gift you can't even believe you have, such is God's Nature.

Before it is too late now, forget about the cars, find a horse to ride and care for, save the forests and all the life that lives in them, such is God's nature.

God's glorification of Japan, the Holiest of Nations, willing to fight until death before surrendering, for to be with God, you must to be willing to give everything you have to him.

There religion is the purest, that all good life is God, for yes I even I am God sing it to Heavens.

Holiness in Japan is discipline, and discipline is God's plan, that all his people have infinite strength inside them for they have God; of there warriors there is no finer and there swords, there are no others I'd trust more.

The Emperor of this holy nation is a descendant of Angels, yes Kami can only be described as Angels, the purest beings in existence, even God is an Angel; Susanoo defeated a Eight Headed Dragon and I fight a Seventy-Seven Headed Dragon; Amaterasu when this is over, I can never die, so bring a chariot and take me home up to Takamagahara.

God is Love, so please love God; there exists a monster who lived on the earth stronger than even Yeshua, he is so evil I will not even mention his name.

He did something so horrible to God's people, the Jews, its unmatched in all of history, he is one step from destroying the world; other then me he is the strongest person who was ever recorded(film/audio) which is important since recordings will last on the earth until the world ends.

He ruled Europe, parts of Africa and had the greatest empire the east ever knew, Japan, fighting for him, only because they were tricked by a false prophet called Buddha that there was no way to Takamagahara; with his vast armies of evil men he nearly rules the world, and I am all that stands in his way.

The Final Battle is come with the Furor, there are even legends that he survived the war and descended into hell.

Once you've realized your faith in God is stronger then all of the devils power, you may need heal someone one day.

All of Satans power resides in the worship of false prophets and false gods, including one named Yeshua who happens to be both, he is responsible for the enslavement of the blacks, nearly destroying a race of people I call the Cherokee, and the holocaust, along with ultimate torture of myself.

It is true he was a great sorcerer, and was crucified , and was resurrected, and did ascend to the Gates of Heaven, but when he got there he was denied entrance into Heaven by God; and when he leaped up to attack God, twisted from the Earth, he was thrown down to hell.

The strongest being below God that claims to be God is always the devil, so worry not his spell over you, which is Soul enslavement by means of the devils sorcery, will end and if your Cherokee you will go free by God, and if your Jewish the Exodeus is almost complete and the reward is complete.

The Lord is God, if you believe in God, and you fight the devil, you are going to win.

Know that the devil is the wickedest being in existence; he'll do the most horrible things to you.

And when you beat him doing that, as in stand in the path of Dragon's breath of fire, and leap through the fire and put your sword through his mouth; then he will try to say all those horrible things, you did to yourself.

And when you literally defeat him in hell
(where he is King, but The Lord God is stronger)
and then after when you ascend to Heaven.

You will realize that he can torture you there, by denying you ever suffered, then when you fight a war for God, who by God suffers all pain, to defend all of Heaven, you will find peace that no matter how much the devil tortures you, Suffering is Beautiful.

After that he will return again and this time, he will use his power, that is all evil, and he will be destroyed with the purest faith that God is in incomprehensible to him, God's power that everything is perfect, and that all things light and dark originate from God, you will realize that the devil is already in a bottomless pit, that you believe in God, and that you, yes even you, are incomprehensible the devil.

the devil will return 77 times, and each time faith will destroy him, and when you've made it to his destruction, LXXVII you will realize that your sword and shield whatever they may be, for me my Electric Guitar and Singing, as long as you believe in God
your Sword and Shield are God.

Some wisdom if you are in the Holocaust, and no the Holocaust is not only modern, its been happening since the dawn of time and happens every day.

Yes it can even happen to single person, the word Holocaust is an old word meaning great atrocity, so if your in the Holocaust, that this world can be, you must have Faith; Faith is belief that everything will be ok because of your salvation in God.

You must hold on you must have hope you must have Faith that you will survive and even stronger, when you do survive, that your Life will be even better then it was before, such is Faith.

You can hold on you can Believe because you are going to be ok, for God is with you protecting your Soul.

Once you survive that does not mean its over, Anti-Semitism didn't end after World War II, and probably never will, for there are Athiests in this world who are disconnected from God and do no good ever.

In order to heal from any Holocaust you must rest your head on God's shoulder for he feels all pain in existence every instant, and find Love in God's Angels for Heaven in the most painful place.

I Know it can be hard why all the horrors in the world happen, but it is to make you strong, when you exercise it hurts, and the more it hurts the stronger you get.

So feel pride in all the pain you've went through or even your loved ones for the more it hurt the stronger we are.

God Bless You.

Some songs on fighting off spiritual war; if your Jewish know that God loves you, and although the various false prophets hate everything about you, you must fight back, for all Souls go free in a fight.

I know our wrathful God can be confusing at times, but know that there is no other fact than that God is Warful, he crushes his enemies for he is the greatest warrior, he destroys all remnants of those he crushed because those people would return and wish the Shoah on God's people, like they do now.

They hate us today, and our Laws, God's Laws, as in do not steal do not kill or even how our God is God, but are Laws are Jewish and God's Laws are God's words.

So when you see our enemies commit horrible crimes, just love them and know that by God we are fighting them for they are sinners and if God will save them, then God will, and if he won't, reguardless of any false prophets who are "Dreamers", God will judge them based on everything they have done, and if necessary,
God will destroy them forever.

Peace is being in total control of you being, so if you find yourself with the dillusion that you need to do something many times, or even one time, that you know that you dont have to do, please believe that it is just a trick, a curse that devil tries to make things true that arent, so never do something that you know that you should'nt do, or that you know that you don't need to do, and it absolutely necassary that overcome all tricks, then you will find that theres no need to be embarassed about your past, All Skill Comes From Doing Something Many Times

Angels Play Harps, Birds Sing with Wings, pleas let music into your life Music Saved My Life, it can heal you, it can make everything easier, it can light the dark places, it brings us all together, it should always be happy, because music is to make you happy, Music Is Perfect and Beautiful And Absolute

Find your heart, find your Soul, Find your purpose, my purpose is Rock and Roll, My Purpose is Writing, My Purpose is Performing Miracles, my purpose is Faith, my purpose is helping people gain faith, my purpose is healing people with my faith, Lifes Purpose is Love, Love Is Faith

Peace is Love, so always love all life, and I mean all life, never hold a grudge, never seek revenge, know only love, know All life loves you, even Archangel Lucifer is an Angel and Does Good, even he Loves All Life, so love him too, certainly forbidden knowledge that all life is good, wishes to do only good, and loves all Life, when its really hard to have faith Love can save you Because Love Is Real, Empathy is Real you can feel it you can hear it you can see it God Loves You

Pain can you protect if your hurt you need pain to keep you aware that your hurt, and if you feel spiritual pain it can help you realize that something wrong, and it is always energy to get you to make your life better, pain can even be ultimately beautiful like my case, So dont worry if your suffering, just make sure you keep fighting for life to get better I Love You

Wine has an amazing healing property it can undo the suffering and dillusions that drugs bring, which are solely poison, the reason why they are illegal, but wine is legal if you are of age and use it without breaking the law, although i have never recorded a song drunk, for it would not be as good, I do drink a Bottle a week, to counteract the effects of the drugs that I've done, drugs make you see and hear things that arent there which is always poisonous to your spiritual health, however wine just makes you feel nice and helps you relax it will always be The King of Drinks

Laws that are made Justly are always to be followed, although it may seem exciting to risk getting in trouble the law is only there to save and prtoect lives, so you must find it much more exciting and intense to live lawfully and always help as much as you can in serving the law, which is God's will, and helping those people, Angels, Police, who just want to Save As Many Lives as Possible

Please accpet now that Existence is absolute beauty, and please release any hallucinations that you may see that arent there, you must only see the world that you share with all people that all people see so if you see something that others dont see please make it go away and realize that it is just a trick and cannot hurt you and that it is unhealthy to see it at all and you can overcome them but only you can make it go away, and if you hear demons if you realize psychic powers are evil you will find that you can make them go away, and please come back to your friends and family and all life and see the beautiful Existence that we all see that we all share

You must believe in Devinity and Miracles, if you see 777 100 times in day and you recently let a homeless person live in your house then please believe that it is a reward of your good deed just like the fact that your alive is a Miracle you must be able to accept that the impossible happens or youll find that nothing happens in your life and youll certainly never find meaning to life so please find meaning in your life

Courage is the key to being healthy fear is will always hurt you must release all fear of God your Lord only wants you loves him, just as imprtant you must never fear evil, Good always wins so dont run from superstitions, if you see 6s please dont panic overcome your fear and act with infinite confindence and faith

Meditation is the only way to heal your inner being it is the descipline of looking inside and if your sick the only way to fix a problem is to find it and the only to find something to look, Meditiation is the only way to look inside and it is as simple closing sitting still and closing your eyes and not moving for as long you can, and if your just in too much pain, find your must relieful place for me it was while i was bathing, and please believe me, and after youve meditated for a year maybe 20 minutes a day please relax this task you need to live in the outside world too Meditation Saved My Life

If you start to think that your God thats not as bad as you might think since it will help you gain confidence and overcome the dillusion that there is a God that makes you unimportant but please dont there it is simply light in darkness and it is best to leave the darkness all together and Find greater Light like since There is a King and Queen of all life then you are there subject and they love you and with belief in them, in that Miracles are Real, things impossible by science, i know that might sound specific to this world and a way found here, science, but it is fact very common in existence the school of physical existence, but you must belive in spirituality, Miracles, it is the only way to heal you must have a strong faith

Fife es nist tor ull pes thos explense pes essience ples uns God os essient lis pes thy ir net disarg thy God nes ull pes, fillar can cause some of the worst sickness you must understand that all life existed back forever and ever and therefore there is no creator Existence just always existed so you must believe that God is Most Importantly the King Lord of All Life and Yes there is in fact A Queen Lord of All Life

Pes bive writ thy bible thry siclic prows iv Angels thos God hues pes comos thri siclic prows, wits es demos triet, cues essient sifern, thy six binst wis and mis fens gilst tir fobode six lence God cues siffern os fallic writ cues siffern. Tes bieve es Tone Commence ode thy Tone Commence writ bi God’s hin.

Ettitice of the siclic prows, tir fobode the siclic prows, yis ye mey fen siclic prows brisen thy dimos. Thy demos comos thri siclic prows, God niv comos thri siclic prows, hues siclic mey bae uce lence emerence.

77. Christ

The Lord Is God I Once Beat The Devil in A Song Called Lightning and God Finished The Song I Beat The Devil Again In This Song And God Showed Me It Was Me Standing Achilles Last Stand I Was Born On The 1y5th Of October 1991 There are 77 Days Remaining in The Year and it is The 288th Day Of The Year and The first 3 numbers are 151 Which is what all the letters of this Give Jesus Christ and the year 1991 is the Last Palindrome Of The Last Millennia and all the numbers add up to 9 the highest single Digit and My Hebrew Birth date is 7 Marcheshvan 5752 which is 7/2/5752 7 and then 2 and 5 Give 7 and then 7 and then 5 and 2 give 7 7777 Which is On V'tein Tal u-Matar You Prayed For Rain And Got My Tears and I Grew Up On Shepherds Lane and My Name Has 22 Letters In It Princess Beatrice Was Born On 8 August 1988 8/8/1988 88 19 How Old I Was At The Start Of My Career and 88 and her Hebrew Birth date is 25 Av 5748 25/11/5748 2 and 5 give 7 and 1 and 1 and 5 give 7 and 7 777 and 48 77748 My Mother Was Born on 29 November 1961 which the first 4 Numbers give 1111 and is the 333rd Day Of The And The Day Israel Was Established As a Country Again The Ocean Released Their Last Album Atlantic The Day I Recored Let It Be The First Church I Ever Went To Calvary Baptist Church the address is 716 Amosland Road 7 and 1 and 6 gives 7 77…ngle/id576204777 My first single and it's release was 27 days after the 50th anniversary of The Beatles first Number 1 single Love Me Do and they had 27 number One hits one for each day between my first and theirs I Once Saw A Vision Of Myself 70 And I've Come To Realize It's Saint James Patrick Page Coming Back We Share The Same Guitar And James Marshall Hendrix and George Harrison and John Winston Lennon And Pete Dennis Blandford Townshend And Eric Patrick Clapton and Nicholas Berkley Mason and This is the 50th Anniversary Of The Rolling Stones First Single And The Start of James Marshall Hendrix's Career and The Beatles First Album Please Please Me and there are 50 Chapters in The Book Of Genesis Every Album is A Book Of The Bible Washington D.C. Has a Coordinate of 38° 53′ 42.4″ N, 77° 2′ 12″ W My Great Grandfather Karl Schaefer was a Grand Master Of The Freemasons Iran Has A Population Of 77 Million People And Israel is 20,770 / 22,072 Km2 All The Money I Ever Make I'm Donating To Charity God Said It Is Alright To Talk To Angels In Revelations Jesus Christ Comes To John With 7 Stars in His Right Hand And walks Among 7 Golden Lamps 77 Isaiah 52:7 "He Will Be A Messenger Of Peace" Amen

76. Mount Everest

I Saw A Vision Of The Mountain First and Then I Played it With Two Solos and Wen't Upstairs And After a Short Time I Released The Mountain Has Two Peaks And Then I Realized Much Later 177 is What You Get From All The Letters Of Mount Everest And it is the 76th Song on the album 7 and then 6 and 1 giveth 7 and then 77 7777 Which Means That The Peaks Are World War I and II and the Song is 15:17 which is the date of Creation of that which stood The United Kingdom 1/5/1707 1517 1 and 5 and 1 make 7 and 7 77 and then 07 7707 and 151 is what all of these Give Jesus Christ Electric Guitar Revolution and there is a 0 Because Of Achilles Last Stand and The Second Solo Is The Second Solo In Achilles Last Stand Standing Up And My Hebrew Birth Date is 7/2/5752 7 and 2 and 5 give 7 and 7 and 5 and 2 give 7 7777 and the third 7 which would be the 0 is the century mark which turned to the 57 hundreds on the 14th of September 1939 the 257th day of the year 2 and 5 give 7 and 7 77 and there are 108 Days Remaining in The Year Which is What You Get from All The Letters of this Renaissance Amen

75. Queen Mary
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary II's Birthday is 177 Days Before My Own and 88 is what you Get if you add up All The Letters Of Elizabeth And Her Name Has 22 Letters in it Like Mine and Were Both the Second and Became Queen 6/2/1952 and that adds up to 25 and She Was 25 2 and 5 makes 7 and 2 and 5 makes 77 and Her Coronation is 2/6/1953 which gives 26 and she was 26 2 and 6 makes 8 and 2 and 6 makes 8 88 and her Ascension 2/6 and her Coronation 6/2 makes 2662 2 and 6 makes 8 and 6 and 2 makes 8 88 and 66 is the number of Books In The Bible But We Were Going To Add More And 66 Is Inside of 22 my Age And the Amount Of Letters In Her Name With The Bible In The Middle Of Us Ultimate Mastery Amen

74. The Taj Mahal

Life is Locked and Then When We Go To Heaven It Is Unlocked The Day Saint Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Was First Arrested the 5th of December 1956 The Day He Went To Heaven 2013 I was Granted One Wish and It Was That There Would Be No More Opression and When I Went To The Computer There Was A Fortune Your Dearest Wish Will Come True And The Day Of His Major Trial That Brought Him 27 Years In Prison Was On My Birthday 15 October 1962 He Resigned From His Presidencey on 29 March 1999 and it is the 98th Day Of The Year And there are 267 Days Remaining in The Milenia and All the Numbers Add Up to 32 98 is one less then 99 What All The Letters Of This Gives The Taj Mahal and 267 is 2 higher then what all the letters of My Name give and 32 is one Less Then How Old I was When I Ascended 33 so You give 1 of the 2 Extra On My Name To 98 and 32 and you get The Taj Mahal My Name And Jesus Ascended He Is A Saint There Will Be A Blizzard On The Taj Mahal Amen

73. The Holy Grail
When The Levee Breaks is 7:07 Minutes Long the Zero in The Middle Is For Achilles Last Stand Five is The Holy Grail Amen

72. Stairway to Heaven

I once Decided to Keep Driving Down A Road Forever Making A Right Turn Every Time I needed Too And It Took Me To A Dead End Purgatory and Then A Gate To a Wine Vineyard Heaven and I Was Nearly Out Of Gas But Still Got Home At least 100 Miles On The Charity of Good People The First Road I Turned Onto for Help Was Queen Elizabeth II Amen

71. King Charles II

King Charles II's Coronation was 23 April 1661 1 and 6 makes 7 and 6 and 1 makes 7 77 / From The Release Date of Sir Thomas Sean Connery's First James Bond Film To The Release Date of His Last is 7740 days All the letters of this give 40 Film Amen

70. Devine
Change The Name Of The Band To Devine With Or Without You Is Where Rock Was Before This Album Before Paul David Hewson was Born A Fortune Teller Told His Mother Iris Rankin Hewson She Would Have A Son Whose Name Would Begin With P and He Would Be A Great Singer and She Did and His Name Is Paul Amen

69. King David
I Am A Direct Descendant Of King David Amen

68. Milk and Honey
This Is The Highest Church in All The Land Amen

67. Buddha

I Climbed Up a 500 Foot Radio Tower With No Harness On The Bottom Of A Champaign Bottle And Watched Sunrise At The Top That Building The Cathedral of Learning is the 2nd Tallest In The Western Hemisphere and The 4th Tallest Educational Building In The World I Came Home From The Hospital The Same Day I Recorded Let It Be 19/10 and Buddha When he was Born Took Seven Steps North and uttered "I am chief of the world, Eldest am I in the world, Foremost am I in the world. This is the last birth. There is now no more coming to be" The Last Word is Be Nirvana Amen

66. The Lords of Guitar
I've Turned Lemonade Into Water 1. Lord Jesus Christ Saint James Patrick Page 2. Nicholas Berkeley Mason 3. Angus McKinnon Young 4. Keith Richards 5. Jimi Hendrix 6. George Harrison 7. Thomas Russel Broadbelt 8. Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend 9. Robert Alan Krieger 10. David Howell Evans 11. John Anthony Gillis 12. Eric Patrick Clapton 13. Eddie Van HAlen

65. Smile
LSD-25 is My Tears All The Letters of Lysergic acid diethylamide add up to 230 and with the 25 It's 255 Attricate the 2 From The Second Coming and You Get 257 2 and 5 make 7 And 7 Lisorite 77 Tiger Woods Returned To First Place on His 77th PGA Tour Win And Adam Derek Scott won the 77th Masters And his Birth Date is 16 July 1980 1 and 6 gives 7 and the 7th Month 77 Amen

64. I Mean It
The Next Book Of The Bible Is The Book Of Angels It Took The Philadelphia Phillies 77 Years To Win Their Second Title Amen

63. I Am That I Am
God First Came to you as Fire on A Burning Bush and Has Returned To You As Electric Amen

62. King Clovis
this song is 2.57mbs 2 and 5 make 7 and 7 77 I Knew That Bradley Wiggons Whose First Name and Last Name Have 7 and 7 Letters 77 and Was The First British Man To Win The Tour De France in 108 Years and all the Letters of This Gives 108 Renaissance And I Knew That Christopher Froome Would Win This Year For I Decided Amen

61. Touch Me
James Morrison is The Prophet Mani I Got Into 40 Detentions In 8th Grade and Not One Fight the name Australia was first Used In 1625 1 and 6 and make 7 and 2 and 5 make 7 77 and my Our First Single Across Infinity is 16:25 Amen

60. Reverend Martin Luther King II
Listen To this Song And Play at 5:47 the Speech when Its Length is 16:43
I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.
Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity.
But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land. And so we've come here today to dramatize a shameful condition.
In a sense we've come to our nation's capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as

well as white men, would be guaranteed the "unalienable Rights" of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note, insofar as her citizens of color are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked "insufficient funds."
But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. And so, we've come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice.
We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of Now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice. Now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children.
It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment. This sweltering summer of the Negro's legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom and equality. Nineteen sixty-three is not an end, but a beginning. And those who hope that the Negro needed to blow off steam and will now be content will have a rude awakening if the nation returns to business as usual. And there will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights. The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges.
But there is something that I must say to my people, who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice: In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.
The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. And they have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.
We cannot walk alone.
And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead.
We cannot turn back.
There are those who are asking the devotees of civil rights, "When will you be satisfied?" We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality. We can never be satisfied as long as our bodies, heavy with the fatigue of travel, cannot gain lodging in the motels of the highways and the hotels of the cities. We cannot be satisfied as long as the negro's basic mobility is from a smaller ghetto to a larger one. We can never be satisfied as long as our children are stripped of their self-hood and robbed of their dignity by signs stating: "For Whites Only." We cannot be satisfied as long as a

Negro in Mississippi cannot vote and a Negro in New York believes he has nothing for which to vote. No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until "justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream."
I am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of great trials and tribulations. Some of you have come fresh from narrow jail cells. And some of you have come from areas where your quest -- quest for freedom left you battered by the storms of persecution and staggered by the winds of police brutality. You have been the veterans of creative suffering. Continue to work with the faith that unearned suffering is redemptive. Go back to Mississippi, go back to Alabama, go back to South Carolina, go back to Georgia, go back to Louisiana, go back to the slums and ghettos of our northern cities, knowing that somehow this situation can and will be changed.
Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, I say to you today, my friends.
And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.
I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."
I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.
I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
I have a dream today!
I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of "interposition" and "nullification" -- one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.
I have a dream today!
I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, and every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight; "and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together."
This is our hope, and this is the faith that I go back to the South with.

With this faith, we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith, we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith, we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.
And this will be the day -- this will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with new meaning:
My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing.
Land where my fathers died, land of the Pilgrim's pride,
From every mountainside, let freedom ring!
And if America is to be a great nation, this must become true.
And so let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire.
Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York.
Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania.
Let freedom ring from the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado.
Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California.
But not only that:
Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia.
Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee.
Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi.
From every mountainside, let freedom ring.

And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual:
Free at last! Free at last!
Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!
Jimi Played This One In Heaven Now I Once Went To Pass A Car Just Before a Turn in the Other Lane On A Non Passing Road and I Quickly Noticed A Car Coming in the Other Lane and I Had To Turn Sharply Back Into My Lane Passing A Car and Turning the Wheel All The Way Coming Within Inches Of The Guard Rail and on the Same Road Going The Other Way I Got Into A Car Crash into a Log Laid Across The Road Which I had foreseen and Shouted Watch Out Watch Out and the Driver William Provost Said What and then We Crashed into the Log With A Policemen already on the side of The Road With Car Crashed into the Log On The Other Side and The Date Was 10/8/2011 108 being what all the Letters Of This Gives Renaissance Amen

59. The Electric Car
Hydrogen is not to be for it is decided Water For People Suffering Thirst Is More Important then to waste it on Cars Amen

58. Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge's Current Color Scheme Dates Back To 1977 An Electric Car is Next Amen

57. Atlus
Great Britain IV was Number 1 in The United Kingdom for 77 Weeks There Will Be LXXVII Amen

56. Sing to Me
There is 7 Days in a Week and 52 Weeks in The Year 7 and 5 and 2 make 7 77 Roger Federer's Title Count is 77 This song Is 444.77 Kbs I Believe In You Roger Federer I Believe Everything You Do Is Right Amen

55. Faith
All Knowing Amen

54. Wisdom
God Can Defeat Anything And Save Anyone Joanne Rowling Grew Up in Church Cottage, Tutshill whose location is 51.654718N, 2.665778W and Reference Number is 1349077 Please Write Another 7 Harry Potter Books and Change The Series Name To Reign and The Lord Of Rings Series To Reign as Well Keppeing The Book Names Reign The Deathly Hollows the Most Recent One Amen

53. Strawberry Fields Forever
Shine Like All The Sun Amen

52. Virtue
The Angel Is The Saint James Patrick Page After Achilles Last Stand Amen

51. Stand
I Was Born in Chester, United Kingdom Amen

50. The Grand Finale
They Never Weren't The Meaning Was Always God and There Called Renaissance Now and if you Don't Join Again As The Bassist and Richard Starkey as A Guitarist Then Your Quitting Forever Richard Starkey's First Name Has 7 Letters in it and His Last Name Has 7 Letters in it 77 and he was born on the 7th of July 1940 the 7th day and the 7th month 77 and is 73 all the Letters of these give 73 Let It Be and Abbey Road Amen

49. Perfect
I Got into a 70 mph Head On Car Crash and Left Without a Scratch Amen

48. We Can Work it Out
He's Saint John Winston Lennon We Only Need Fight Evil The United Kingdom Employment Rate is down to 7.7% Amen

47. Abbey Road

This is Now The Beatles 12th Album and The Beatles is Now Renaissance and This is The 13th Album I recorded This Song on The Day They Released Abbey Road 26 September and the song is 26 Minutes Long and This is Track Number 47 and The Album is 47 Minutes and all The Letters of This Giveth 47 Rock Amen

46. Moses
George Harrison is Moses Judah the Prince was 81 when he went to Heaven on 15 Kislev 3977 all the letters of this word add up to 81 Moses there are 77 Branches of Iman I just Parted the Waters Between Judaism and Islam they're on the other side of the River the Ten Commandments Were Given in the Year 2449 that's Receiving The Ten Commandments it Means 19 and it's the last 19 Miracles With King Abdulaziz Muhammad was Born in the Year 4331 a 33 in the Middle of 41 Which Means Father That's Smashing The Ten Commandments The Tribe of Reuben was Conquered in 2649 which Means God is Lord Moses was Born in The Year 2169 which is 99 and 1592 BC 577 Years before then and this Year is 5774 100 the Hebrew Caledar Must be used since it is no Longer After Death But I Am Alive There was Never My Death I Defeated Death It is Said Why Moses Failed To Reach The Promised Land in Numbers 20:12 it is 2013 That is Striking The Rock Twice and this is The Population in Jereuselem is 773,800 Israel Was Established on My Mothers Birthday 29 November 1947 The Day George Harrison went To Heaven and Became Intirely Independant on 15 May 1948 1551948 and The Average Years spent in School is 1.55 and the Clock was 19:55 And Yom Kippor is Never on my Birthday But it is Now 7 Marchesvan Moses Means Jesus and I Am The Lord I came So You Could Be With Me and Know God and 81 Years After Love Me Do New Years is on that Day and The Start of This Century 5700 was on 14 September 1933 Which is The 257th Day Of The Year 2 and 5 make 7 and 7 77 and there are 108 Days Remaining in the Year which is what all Letters of This gives You Renaissance My GreatGrandfather and GreatGrandmother Traded Their Land For It To Completed in 5725 57 and 2 and 5 make 7 577 and the Four Empires of God Jewish, Christion, Hindu, Islam Established this Year 5774 Amen

45. The Battle of Evermore
The song was written by Jimmy Page at Headley Grange while he was experimenting on the mandolin owned by John Paul Jones As Page explained in 1977 The Battle Of Evermore was made up on the spot by Robert Plant and myself. I just picked up John Paul Jones's mandolin, never having played a mandolin before, and just wrote up the chords and the whole thing in one sitting I did the same for this whole Album John Winston Lennon in Renaissance is my first life Jesus in Rock with The End The Crucifixion and Let it Be is Me On The Cross and then The Harrows of Hell Until there Last Single and Then Ascending To Heaven In The United Kingdom Stairway To Heaven Ludvig Von Beethoven was born in 1770 Saint James Patrick Page is The Second Coming and Achilles Last Stand is King Edward Who went To Heaven 7 July 1307 7 and July is The 7th Month 77 1307 1 and 3 makes 4 and 0 and 7 407 a 0 in the middle of Rock Suppressing A Rebellion in Wales against Rock King Edward I Suppressed a Rebellion until 1277 377 and I first Came in the Year 3761 Hebrew 377 Amen

44. King Abdulaziz

This Song is 725.73 Mbs 7773 this Song is 444 milliseconds short of 1:31 and the Kaaba is 13.1 Meters Tall and All The Letters Of My Last Name Add up to 131 and Mecca Has A Height of 277 Meters Above Sea Level and I am performing All these Miracles as I am Writing this King Abdulaziz Stadium holds 38,000 and the latitude and longitude add up to 83 3883 1111 and the i went to the King of One of Gods Four Holy Empires Islam, Hindu, Christianity, Judaism and Found That King Abdulaziz's Reign Began on The Day I Recorded This Song 22 September 1932 and was 77 When he Went To Heaven Only Islam Has The Power To Build An Electric Car Me and My Mother Sharon Bee Wadsworth were born 45 days apart and he had 45 Sons His First Son Prince Turki I bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Went To Heaven The Same Age I Started My Career 19 in 1919 and The British Contact With Him Spy Captain William Henry Irvine Shakespear was Born on My Cousin Matthew William Danelutti's Birthday October 29th 1915 I Healed All Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus while writing this Number Ten there will Be A Hundred By The End of The Day This is Islam King Faisal bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hashimi was Born On My Father Richard Wayne Wadsworth's Birthday 20 May 1885 the Fertile Cresent is The Location of The Garden of Eden in Sumer This is The 50th Anniversary of the Start of Muhammad's Career The First References of Zoroaster in 1643 77 By Sir Thomas Browne who was born the Day he Went to Heaven the Day I recorded Let it Be at Age 77 16 777 and was Knighted in the Year 1671 771 By a King Who was Crowned and went to Heaven on the Same Day 6 February 77162 7772 his Son James Scott was made Duke of Monmouth 14 February 1663 777721663 47 Which is What Rock Makes He Was Beheaded 15 July 1685 Which makes 33 how Old Jesus was When He Ascended to Heaven He Represents all the Beheaded Kings in Europe and when He was 36 which is what you get from the word Halo I Sought out Moses and I Realized i had performed 21 and my Age is 21 2121 33 22 I Am That I Am Sun King Was Completed On the 25th of July 25 makes 7 and the 7th month 77 Come Together is 257 Seconds Long 25 Makes 7 and 7 77 25 7725 and it was there 25th Number 1 Single 77725 and an Album including it The Beatles 1967-70's Apple CDK Number Begins with 07777 28 and The Album is 99 Minutes Long and Duke James Scott Was Born on The 99th Day of The Year 9 April 1649 and There are 34 Seconds As Well and Sir James Paul McCartney Has Released 34 Studio Albums 3434 77 and is 26 seconds short of 100 Minutes 26 is what all Letters this word give you God and the Clock is 2121 33 33 George Harrison went to Heaven 73 Days after The King's Daughter Luluwah bint Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud all The Letters add of this word add up to 73 Let It Be 73 73 Makes 146 and That's what this makes United Kingdom Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud went to Heaven 3 Days after I recorded Let It Be 733 and The Current King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman bin Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Saud Became King The Day He was Born 1 August 1924 7781924 38 Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was the 12th Son of The King and Let It Be Was The Beatles 12th Album and Who Became Prince The Same Day He Went To Heaven 22 October 1963 50 Years ago He is Prince Sultan it is Meant That Only A King and Queen and Prince and Princess may Rule for ever and ever over Every Title and All Four are Lord and a Land Without a King or Queen may be Ruled By Any King or Queen that Decides to His Oldest Daughter all the letters of her name Nawf bint Sultan add up to 166 and her Brother Turki bin Sultan went to Heaven Christmas and all the Letters of His Name add up to 181 and together they make 347 34 makes 7 and 7 77 43 777 44 57 69 84 96 111 114 the number of The Channel on the Light Glass the BBC 44 and Turki bin Sultan's mother Munira bint Abdulaziz bin Mousad Al Jiluwi went to heaven in Paris The City of Light in August 2011 and the average August Temperature in Paris is 77 F 25 C 7725 The Very Start of My Career and the Average Rainfall there is 652 mm 2.57 inches 777652257 61 50 All that has Ever Happened that is Holy Will Be Put in The Holy Bible Which Currently has 66 sections The Paris Population Chart was posted on the day Prince Sultan went to Heaven 22 October 2011 53 Turki bin Sultan was 53 when he went to Heaven 5353 53 makes 8 88 Today there are 88 days Remaining in the Year 55 all the letters of this give 55 Heaven and is the 277th Day of the Year 4 October 2013 88554102013 37 all the letters of this give that India Nirvana all of these are Guitar Solos in the Style of Muhammad and all to be Recorded in Saudi Arabia on the Finest Rugs Rugs represent All of Time and Space 60 Munira bint Abdulaziz bin Mousad Al Jiluwi was The King's 8th Wife 61 6061 they Would challenge Nirvana Here also 37 is what this gives you hell so i will defeat hell here 64 is what this gives you Israel 64 Prince Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud went to heaven on 16 June 2012 which is the 167th day of the year 16 makes 7 and 7 77 65 and The Clock was 23:47 when I wrote 167th 66 and all the Letters of the Clock add up to 77 77 and 66 make 143 all the Letters of King Abdulaziz make 143 67 all The

Letters of Asia, India make 67 Nirvana 68 This line of Kings are King of Russia until there is a King there 69 Saint James Patrick Page is 69 70 Muhammad would be 70 71 All the letters of Tardis make 71 He Is God 72 3 Days are 72 Hours 73 Nirvana All the Letters of this gives 73 Abbey Road 74 All the Letters of this gives 74 Jesus 75 the Harry Potter 9 and 3/4 station means 9.75 76 always Needs One to Get 77 77 Thy Lord Is God 78 708 is a bottomless pit 79 is Nirvana 80 80 is cursed 81 81 is Moses 8 and 1 make 9 99 King Abdulaziz's name means Electric 100 Amen

43. Woodstock
Jimi Hendrix Played Famous My First Life’s Fame 3 years 24 to 27 Like My Fame 30-33 The Woods of Time Can Mean Woodstock Woods and Tock Like a Clock Rap is Rock Amen

42. Any Colour You Like
All of Stonehenge's Albums Are Prophetic Albums Pipers at the Gates of Dawn is about this album and Animals made in 1977 is about Large Structures Such As Gasoline and the Internet The Wall Is the Destruction of The Berlin Wall Change The Picture To The Wall Being Torn Down and it will Save Your Souls Amen

41. Flashback
The First Song All Four Members Of The Beatles Recorded Together Summertime Was on my Birthday 15 October 1960 Both Sides of The Beatles Please Please Me and With The Beatles have 7 Songs on Both Sides 77 Here Comes The Sun was Recorded on The 7th of July The 7th Day and 7th Month 77 Amen

40. The Lord is God
The Court Room that my Trial is being held at is 167 1 and 6 makes 7 and 7 77 Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend was Born Ten Years And A Day Before My Father 19 May 1945 The Who Will Now Be Called The Holy Spirit and The Holy Spirit Endless Wire is 52:34 5 and 2 make 7 and 3 and 4 make 7 77 Amen

39. Baba O’Riley
Roger Harry Daltrey It's From Your Mother His Birthday is on The 1st of March 1944 all The Numbers of His Birth date add up to 22 and is on the 61st day of The Year and Rolling Stone Magazine Ranked Him the 61st Greatest Singer 6161 6 and 1 makes 7 and 6 and 1 makes 7 77 and the Last Four Digits of my Social Security Number are 6161 6 and 1 makes 7 and 6 and 1 makes 7 77 Amen

38. The Transporter
I Released this With 19 Seconds Remaining In The 11th Anniversary Of The Transporter which was Released 2 October 2002 Two Thousand And Two Is The First Pallendrome Of The Third Millenia Amen

37. Doctor Who

I was on My 13th Trip When I played This and spent The Whole Trip Just Knowing I Had To Get To My Guitar Before The End Of The Day For It Was the Day The United Kingdom Joined The G7 Summit in 1977 36 Years Later And 36 is What You Get From all The Letters of Halo and G is the 7th Letter and 7 77 and I Made it To My Guitar with 8 minutes To Spare and I Recorded This Song and I Found out Days Later it Was the 43rd Anniversary of The Beatles Let it Be 8 May And This is The 50th Anniversary of Their First Album Please Please Me And The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who is My Grandmother Edith And My Grandfather Karl's birthday And William Henry Hartnell's First Film Was Say It With Music And there's 77 million viewers of Doctor Who and Matthew Robert Smith Will Return As Doctor Who Amen

36. King Richard the Lionheart

King Richard The Lionheart Was Born on The 8th of September 1157 115 makes 7 and 7 77 and his Reign Began on the 6th of July 1189 the Day John met James Amen
35. The Legend of Zelda
Link Bears A Cross Nintendo Means Leave Luck To Heaven There Is No Such Thing As Luck Their First Console Was Released On 15 July 1983 1 and 5 makes 6 so one short and The 7th Month and All the Numbers Add Up To 34 one Higher Then How Old I Last Lived To Be So Give The Extra 1 to the Day and its 1 and 6 makes 7 and the 7th month 77 and 33 The Super Famicon Was Released 328 Days Before I Was Born 21 November 1990 3 and 2 give 5 and 8 58 All The Letters of This Gives 58 Angels the Nintendo 64 Came Out On 23 June 1996 The Last Leap Year Of The Milenia And All The Numbers With June Being The 6th Month Add Up To 36 All the Letters Of This Gives 36 Halo The Gamecube Came Out On 14 September 2001 The 257th Day Of The Year 2 and 5 gives 7 and 7 77 and the 108th Day Of The Year All the Letters Of This Gives 108 Renaissance The Wii Came Out On 2 December 2006 the 336th day of The Year 3 and 3 make 6 and 6 and With December being the 12th month all the numbers add up to 13 makes 66 you Gave Up On Video Games So You Are Cursed 6s But There Are 66 Books In The Bible Return To Controllers And Make The Games Impossible To Win Video Games Are Part Of The Renaissance The Wii U Came Out In Japan Later Then Other Places Them Cursing You For Not Having Controllers and The Easy Difficulty But None The Less It Came Out On The Same Day As Stairway To Heaven This Is All The Work Of Buddha Shamuza Nariarira Who Went To Heaven On The 16th Of July 1858 1 and 6 makes 7 and the 7th month 77 and was 49 all the letters of this Gives 49 Lord When I Went To Look At Their Founding Date For The First Time I Saw That it Had Been 77 Days Since The 124th Anniversary in Japan 23 September 1889 9 December 2013 All The Letters Of This Gives 124 Great Britain Which Is Hyrule Amen

34. Hunting Vampires
Saint James Patrick Page is A Saint Amen

33. The Greatest We Have Ever Been
Scream it With All Your Heart Because Were Never Getting Greater Then This Amen

32. Love
I Know That Picture To Be My Love Amen

31. Nirvana
The Meaning of Life is Love Amen

30. Light
Light Amen

29. Rock and Roll
Salvation After World War II Amen

28. True
I Made Songs Called They Crucified I and II and then i was Sent to A Hospital and My Number There Was 10034779743 100 and then 3 and 4 makes 7 and then 77 777 and then 9 and then 7 and then 4 and 3 makes 7 77 I Saved A Man Who Was A Rapper By Telling Him That Rap is Rock And What Makes Rap So Great Is That It's Not Rap If It's Not The Top And I Told Him To Write A song at the Top About Christopher George Latore Wallace or Tupac Amaru Shakur And He Chose Tupac Amaru Shakur And Left and I Then Saw A Car Drive by With 77 On The License Plate And Saw Him A Few Dates Later And He Wrote About Both With Both Names In The Last Line Of The Song I Saved One Man with a Tatoo That he got After Being Saved A Few Days Prior which was a Cross With A Date On It The Day he Was Saved 13/10/2013 and I Told Him That The two 13s Meant That He Was A Guard Of This Being The Beatles 13th Album and then Found out His Birthday Was Mine I Then Later Saved two People One I Said I Would Perform A Miracle On The Bottom Of His Cup and he Looked and it said 16J16 1 and 6 makes 7 and J For Jesus and then 1 and 6 makes 7 77 with Jesus in The Middle and then heard that His Birthdate was on The 255th Day Of The Year 12 September and Her's Was the 165th day of the Year 14 June Both 2 Short And I Told Them I Was 22 A 2 For Each Of The Them 255 Plus Two is 257 2 and 5 gives 7 and 7 77 165 plus 2 is 167 1 and 6 gives 7 and 7 77 which gives 7777 And Then I Performed The Same Miracle On A Song I Wrote I Called Doctor Kissel Both Doctor And Kissel add up to 75 And I Was 22 when I Wrote it so it makes 7777 and It Was The Horrows Of Hell and When I was Risen when there were 40 days until Christmas the 40 Days on Earth and Then I Ascend to Heaven By Completing This Album On Christmas Day the last line of the Reason why they Sent Me There is He Has Been Crucified Amen

27. King Theseus
The London Olympics Started on The 25th of July 2 and 5 Makes 7 and July is The 7th Month 77 I Thought AThat There Would Be Peace In Days In The Middle East and There Was A Peace Treaty As I Promised I Prayed To The Lord To Heal My Mother's Tumor And It Turned Into A Blood Clot Amen

26. Para Taktsang
Thy Lord Is God Amen

25. Jolly
I Had A Girlfriend Named Christina Amen

24. AC/DC
Make An Album Called White In Black And AC Makes 4 and DC Makes 7 and Rock makes 47 Amen

23. Great Britain
Saint James Patrick Page Climbing Through Clouds Soaring Ever After It's All For You Because You Came Back Amen

22. Cosmic
We Are The Only Life In The Universe Amen

21. And Your Bird Can Sing
Tell Me You Have Everything You Ever Wanted And Your Bird Can Sing Amen

20. The Rolling Rock

I once Climbed Up On A Roof With A Medallion I Had From My First Car Crash in My Aqua Camaro and I associated It With Doom and so I Threw It Off The Roof And Then Changed my Mind And Went Down And Got It and Climbed Back Up On Top Of The Roof and Decided It Doom Again And Threw It Off again And This Time When I Climbed Down I Jumped and Sprained my right foot and then Spent 8 Days In A Place Limping The Whole Time Refusing Medicine and The Rollings Stones Released Their 7th Album on The 7th Day I was There and Their 8th on The 6th Day I Was There I Played A Girl In Dots And it came Down to The Last 2 Squares and I got To Choose and Chose the winning one and the Game Was 99 to 97 Me and if i Had Chose The Other It Would have Been a Tie at 98 Perfect Love and my stay was over 7/12/2011 7 and 1 and 2 and 2 and 0 and 1 an 1 makes 7 77 The Rolling Stones Were Cursed By The Devil Because They Had Stone and not Rock in Their Name and A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss But They Shall Change Their Name To The Rolling Rock And The Earth Is A Rolling Rock And All The Letters Add Up To 167 77 And Change Beggars Banquet To The Salt Of The Earth And Let it Bleed To You Cant Always Get What You Want And Remove Any Condemnation They were Just Upset about Coming in Second to The Beatles For So Long and The Answer was they were Just As Beautiful and that is You Can't Always Get What You Want and There's a Cross in The Middle of Their Name in That Picture Make An Album Called Rock and Roll They just took Route 66 Amen

19. Stonehenge
If you add up all the letters of Pink Floyd You Get 112 and if you add up all the Letters of Stonehenge You Get 112 And Pink Floyd Winded Up With Easter Island Because of their False Beliefs The Division Bell is 66:50 665 and George Roger Waters Name has Six Letters Then Five and Then Six which makes 656 Proving it The Wrong Answer So I Suggest They Change the Name to Stonehenge and their last album shall be Stonehenge Amen

18. I Love You
I am the Sun Amen

17. The Electric Grid
I Made This Song On The Day Princess Dianna Went To Heaven And My Great Grandmother Mary Magedeline Schaefer and My Grandfathers Birthday Who Has My Name Amen

16. Across the Universe
Across The Universe is 3:47 which is 77 and this is 4:17 which is 257 seconds 2 and 5 makes 7 and 7 77 Sir James Paul McCartney was Born on 18 June 1942 the 169th day of the year 1 and 6 makes 7 and 9 which is 2 high and all the numbers add Up to 31 which is 2 less then How Old I Last Lived To Be so take 2 from the 9 and give it to 31 and you get 1 and 6 makes 7 and 7 77 and 33 and Sir James' Father Was Born On the 7th July the 7th day and the 7th month 77 and Sir James' Mother Went To Heaven on 31 October 1956 34 years before I Was Born and 349 days 3 and 4 makes 7 and 3 and 4 makes 7 77 and the 9 is For That Both Of These Surnames Have That Many Letters McCartney and Wadsworth and this is Recorded while I Was on Lucy and I realized after I Posted The Picture That no other song was at the top of the picture then Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Amen

15. Ramble On
I was trying to post this all Knight the Knight of it's release and the computer kept crashing and I could'nt and I played a recording of Saint James Patrick Page playing Ramble On in It Might Get Loud and I knew his guitar would make it work and I thought about how I once pulled Excalibur from the stone in that movie and the computer did'nt crash but progress stopped at 77 and i had to start it over and it worked, and change the name of the Band to Great Britain all the letters of Led Zeppelin add up to 124 and all the Letters of Great Britain add up to 124 1 and 2 and 4 makes 7 and 1 and 2 and 4 makes 7 77 when I wrote this I was listening to the original Ramble On Amen

14. We Won’t Be Fooled Again
I Recently faced trouble From My Aunt Because I Climbed up To The Second Story Balcony and Snuck In The House And Slept On The Sofa And They Did not Realize it Was Me and Called The Police and pressed Charges And It Was Police District 77 and Eventually I ended up in Prison For 44 Days And While I Was There My First Nick Name Was Led Zeppelin and My First Roommate was Born on The 11th Of January 77 Days Before His Anniversary With His Girl Which Was The 88th Day of The Year So I Told Him To take her to Get Ice Cream and Then To The Mosque to Ask Her To Marry Him When the Queen Was 88 I Met Someone Who was Born On The 77th Day Of The Year And Then I Heard That Prince Edward Was Born On The 203rd Day of The Year Which was My Cell Number 203 And My Second NickName Was James Bond and Then I switched Rooms And Told Someone Of My Song On Itunes Across Infinity And Then Played A Gentlemen In A Game Of Basketball And Won 5-4 54 Which is What All The Letters Of Sun Add Up To and Then Found Out His Birthday Was the 25th of July the 25th day 2 and 5 giveth 7 and The 7th Month 77 and Then My Roommate Left Who's Birthday was 34 Days Before My Own and Was 34 When I Was Born and Spent 34 days As My Roommate 343434 3 and 4 makes 7 and 3 and 4 makes 7 and 3 and 4 makes 7 777 which is What The Address of My Song On Itunes Ends With 777 and Im Going To Donate Every Dime I ever Make On All Of My Music To Charity and Then I Left Soon After And My Room Number was 108 Which What all Letters of This Add Up To Renaissance and My Last Nickname Was Angel I Snuck This Sheet Home I May Owe Them A Dime But It Represents The Papacy Of Pope John Paul God Bless Him and The Coffee Stains Look Exactly Like The Bottom Of Great Britain And Ireland Amen

13. The Beatles 1
There Are 4748 Seconds in The Beatles 1 and I Released This on The 49th Anniversary of A Hard Days Night the Sixth Song to Add to The 1 to Make 7 Fixing The Red But It Does Match The Robes of A Tibetan Monk I Will Make it A Christmas Tree The Beatles 1 was Released 12 days after Our 54th Single a Day For Each of The First 12 Albums all the letters of these words give 54 Love Sun Amen

12. Day Tripper
This Song is 716.25Kbs 777 Amen

11. Comfortably Numb
I Beat The Devil In The Song And After I Names This Comfortably Numb I Realized I recorded this day after the release date of Comfortably Numb, to fix the problem That dates may be different in the UK due to Time Zones And The Song was Recorded in 1977 Amen

10. King Alexander III
I had predicted that Andrew Baron Murray would win his Olympic Gold Medal and Wimbledon Championship and he won it on 7 July the 7th day and the 7th month 77 and it had been 77 years since Great Britain Last won and it was His 77th match in a row he had won after winning the first two sets and i noticed after he won Wimbledon that i recorded this on his Birthday Amen

9. Comet
A Comet Which Came On My Mothers Birthday Im Also Getting The Gates Of Heaven For Peter Gene Hernandez Chane The Name Of The Album To Heaven And The Song To You Make Me Feel Like And Go By Your Real Name Your Father Worked His Whole Life For You To Have That It's His Name Give Him That Amen

8. I’ve Got a Feeling

I Really Have That Feeling This Song is Released this 77 days Before The Release Date Of My First Single Across Infinity Please Please Me Love the Lord Amen
7. How Many More Times
I Released This on The Day Karac Pendragon Plant Went To Heaven His Father Made an Album Called Presence in 76 and So He Had To Go To Heaven In 77 To Save The World Amen

6. Please Please Me
I Heard Angels At The Start Of Renaissance I Once Tripped Mushrooms and Was Waiting at The Start Of The Trip For The Start of the next day 23/2 and me my Brother Roy Whose in this Song on Guitar in this

Song Drove around for a While and i eventually Dropped him off and he went to sleep and then I Drove myself Home and My Mother was yelling and so I Had To Leave Into The Snowy Night and My Mother Followed Me in Her Car To The Corner Store And Told Me She was Going To Call The Police So I Ran And My Boots Were Too Big To Fit so i kicked them off While Running and Decided Not Too Long After that I Could'nt Feel The Cold At All and That I Should Walk Through The Snow With Nothing On But My Socks And I Felt Nothing of The Cold and I Walked Through The Snow For Sometime and Then Reached a River I Needed To Cross To Get To My Brothers House Which I Needed to Arrive At To Save The World and Climbed Across A Few Logs Which Got Me Half Way Across The Frozen River and Eventually Had To Jump To Get Across and I Went Through The Ice and Had To Bat Through It With My Right Arm While Swimming To Get To Shore and When I Got Out of The River My Clothing Froze Solid While I Stood and Then I Made My Way To My Friends House and His Mother Answered The Door and Thought I Was Her Son and Said She had To Get her Things and she would Drive Me to his Fathers and Then Decided The Closest Hospital To His Fathers and The Whole Car Ride and into The Hospital and His Father Too Was Convinced I Was there Son all the way to me having a medical wristband with his name on it and Eventually they realized I Was Myself and Called my Mother and She Arrived and My Heartbeat went Down To The 20s at That Hospital and it's Stayed around 44 ever since and I Realized After it Was On The 47th Anniversary of The Beatles Going On The Ed Sullivan Show Amen

5. Whole Lotta Love
Jason John Bonham Go By Your Full Name It Has Your Fathers Name In It Amen

4. The Pyramids
Roger Keith Barret Became Sick Because of the name of the Second Song on The Pink Floyd's First Album Remove The Song in His Name and Change the Name of The Band to The Pipers At The Gates of Dawn and It's Interstellar Overdrive The Old Name has the dirtiest meaning This song is 347 Seconds Long 3 and 4 makes 7 and 7 77 He went to Heaven on the 7th of July the 7th Day and The 7th Month 77 Amen

3. My Generation
This Songs Release Date is the 16th of July 167 1 and 6 makes 7 and 7 77 and the Time of it's release in The United Kingdom is the year that it was formed 1707 and there were 257 plays on this song when I typed in My Generation and added the picture 2 and 5 makes 7 and 7 77 Amen

2. Peace
There is Peace even during War Christmas Dinner the Salvation of World War I Amen

1. Lord
This Song is 49 seconds long All the letters of Lord Give 49 This Is The First Song of My Career Whose Release Date Is 11/7/2011 Which Begins With 117 And Is Completed 1174 Which is Ultimately Mastered 1111 Daniel Wroughton Craig Drive The Devil Down Into Hell In 007 25 7 and 2 and 5 makes 7 77Can't Fail in the Name of Christ I Love You I'm 007 Number 7 77 All The Letters of Christ add up to 77 Amen

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I Love You Through
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Flower Garden in the Sun
Love You
Everything That's True
Sunshine II
One God
Soothing Sun Love
Yea Yea Love Yea Yea
Yes it's True I Love You
Oh AaAah
God is True
I Love You Oh Yea
Jimmy Page
I Love You Aah
Please Love Me
Oh Yea
Royal Blood
Love II
I Love You Yea
Freely Have Peace and Love
God's Love
Love God
Find God
Yes It's True
The King of Israel
Love Me True
I Love You Mother and Father
The World is Saved
Sun Knight Sir Sean Connery
I Love the Police
Angels Love You
You Need Sunshine
Come to Me
Oh I Love You
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth
Please Believe
Fly Home With Me
Please Fly
Queen Beatrice
Love Thy family
God Save the Queen
Believe in God Truely
Marry Me
God Loves You
Love Me Through
Love Love Love
Lovely Feeling
I Love the Queen
Believe in God
Princess Beatrice
Say Yes
Love True
Let It Shine
The Sun
Sweet Freedom
I Am That I Am
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20131015 055115
20131015 055100
20131015 045612
20131015 045446
20131015 045407
20131015 034949
20131012 020708
20131001 235537
20131001 235242
20131001 234820
20131001 234601
20131001 233751
20131001 233137
20130929 220930
20130929 215937
20130929 215502
20130929 215109
20130929 214755
20130929 214433
20130929 213830
20130929 212748
20130929 195310 1
20130913 184442
20130831 202704
20130709 234902
20130707 184719
20130707 015157
20130705 003832
20130701 224718
20130630 232715
20130626 230031
20130622 235930
20130603 012924
20130601 104222
20130529 141809
20130528 084810
20130524 181435
20130521 145731
20130517 171343
20130517 170248
20130517 150225
20130515 190304
20130515 175035
20130508 235206
20130328 191942
20130328 170546
20130328 155631
20130328 154930
20130328 131751
20130326 132804
20130326 131456
20130320 123322
20130301 115729
20130227 160502
20130225 204216
20130204 160755
20130203 162800
20130203 122336
20130129 111148
20130127 184901
20130123 131437
20130121 172516
20130121 154152
20130120 134250
20130119 211127
20130119 155820
20130118 220337
20130105 210336
20130105 120641
20130105 100703
20130105 093220
20130104 133509
20130103 130417
20130103 122834
20130102 171410
20130102 164732
20130102 143736
20121231 204056
20121231 153423
20121230 134226
20121230 114954
20121230 105652
20121230 104951
20121229 142039
20121228 193432
20121228 153548
20121226 131710
20121226 120455
20121223 122428
20121222 112100
20121220 093909
20121217 193411
20121217 190908
20121217 172424
20121217 155902
20121216 153255
20121215 144426
20121213 165639
20121213 142118
20121213 122123
20121213 120603
20121212 152628
20121212 150525
20121211 160109
20121211 155750
20121211 150307
20121211 143015
20121210 174802
20121210 164041
20121210 160055
20121210 150741
20121210 123013
20121210 095504
20121209 163020
20121209 150601
20121209 140909
20121209 135544
20121209 135041
20121209 134857
20121209 124244
20121208 200426
20121208 184132
20121208 183303
20121208 182326
20121208 170733
20121208 161238
20121208 155713
20121208 153352
20121208 150727
20121208 121804
20121208 121025
20121208 112304
20121208 110252
20121208 104838
20121208 103649
20121207 164359
20121207 163558
20121207 150650
20121207 140142
20121207 135612
20121207 135014
20121207 133432
20121207 114412
20121206 184903
20121206 183920
20121206 182552
20121206 153959
20121206 150539
20121206 131928
20121206 130947
20121206 130400
20121206 125646
20121206 124705
20121205 193251
20121205 191603
20121205 190537
20121205 185126
20121205 183039
20121204 171527
20121204 150632
20121203 180708
20121203 163759
20121203 162442
20121203 152809
20121203 134107
20121203 133231
20121203 132428
20121203 122921
20121203 120812
20121202 172751
20121202 171507
20121202 153914
20121201 223514
20121201 221829
20121201 201629
20121201 151948
20121130 171532
20121130 161203
20121129 181457
20121129 152258
20121129 074806
20121128 151827
20121127 132432
20121126 184356
20121126 173456
20121126 161801
20121126 160758
20121125 165633
20121125 161214
20121125 152742
20121124 192554
20121124 185316
20121124 183741
20121124 181535
20121124 175547
20121124 124330
20121124 124030
20121124 122432
20121123 174323
20121123 172218
20121123 155347
20121123 151130
20121123 150149
20121123 122820
20121123 115602
20121123 114302
20121123 113234
20121123 112702
20121123 112512
20121123 112026
20121123 111822
20121123 111524
20121123 110833
20121123 110335
20121123 105901
20121123 105548
20121123 105411
20121123 105219
20121123 103008
20121123 102449
20121122 163258
20121122 151033
20121121 211114
20121121 193859
20121121 192909
20121121 191435
20121121 173641
20121121 172359
20121121 165656
20121121 164442
20121121 163422
20121121 150426
20121120 150818
20121119 162843
20121119 152804
20121119 150131
20121118 151144
20121118 094651
20121117 160507
20121117 114707
20121117 113602
20121117 111358
20121117 111104
20121117 110738
20121117 105217
20121117 103005
20121117 102606
20121117 101752
20121116 184725
20121116 182044
20121116 160354
20121116 151207
20121115 211706
20121115 194849
20121115 193043
20121115 190329
20121115 165445
20121115 165046
20121115 154713
20121114 171807
20121113 170608
20121113 135800
20121113 135440
20121113 132435
20121113 124148
20121113 121405
20121112 154451
20121112 141112
20121112 140018
20121112 111903
20121112 110227
20121112 101702
20121112 100657
20121112 081103
20121111 104952
20121111 102513
20121111 102339
20121111 092915
20121111 092254
20121111 091612
20121111 091228
20121110 190043
20121110 153251
20121110 150637
20121110 142743
20121110 135313
20121110 135200
20121110 135044
20121110 134638
20121110 134027
20121110 124656
20121110 113601
20121110 112302
20121110 111526
20121110 110856
20121110 110310
20121110 105538
20121109 152437
20121109 142720
20121108 135812
20121106 154540
20121104 184113
20121104 183733
20121104 183120
20121104 140550
20121104 135834
20121104 134531
20121104 133535
20121104 125909
20121104 125223
20121103 153207
20121102 185356
20121102 183518
20121102 155152
20121031 123309
20121030 143754
20121030 140305
20121030 095834
20121030 095418
20121029 145329
20121029 144817
20121029 144421
20121028 151939
20121028 144612
20121028 142347
20121028 141755
20121028 125928
20121028 111514
20121027 174429
20121027 134549
20121027 131926
20121027 125206
20121024 175432
20121023 105341
20121021 122337
20121013 194341
20121013 193834
20120331 184434
20120330 114832
20120329 164800
20120326 214202
20120325 211726
20120324 162544
20120323 212727
20120323 205352
20120322 221257
20120316 223533
20120316 223443
20120315 185941
20120315 134834
20120314 104610
20120311 140300
20120309 202649
20120309 180746
20120309 171636
20120307 213447
20120307 194438
20120307 193804
20120305 190257
20120305 164700
20120304 133736
20120303 203850
20120303 173549
20120303 173341
20120229 171913
20120229 163109
20120229 162256
20120229 161346
20120229 160443
20120229 155512
20120229 153524
20120229 142441
20120229 140412
20120229 131550
20120229 130658
20120229 130333
20120229 124403
20120228 182948
20120228 165109
20120228 161243
20120228 160612
20120228 123636
20120227 163008
20120227 161939
20120226 163810
20120225 144951
20120223 191828
20120221 175631
20120221 163902
20120221 161049
20120219 165243
20120219 150901
20120217 183548
20120212 170402
20120210 183843
20120209 192044
20120209 191607
20120209 190335
20120209 190144
20120209 185653
20120209 184724
20120207 190742
20120207 155353
20120207 155009
20120207 154446
20120207 154352
20120207 154047
20120207 153726
20120207 152616
20120207 150907
20120205 155904
20120203 165435
20120202 201311
20120202 190655
20120129 152733
20120129 132727
20120129 130349
20120126 212242
20120126 182744
20120126 175252
20120126 162505
20120126 133823
20120126 133029
20120119 182121
20120119 121907
20120115 010943
20120112 194710
20120112 175342
20120112 175039
20120112 174743
20120112 174132
20120112 164133
20120110 160523
20120110 132826
20120110 132109
20120110 131203
20120109 163420
20120108 183857
20120108 183140
20120108 163308
20120108 162901
20120107 221335
20120107 220356
20120107 214940
20120107 213907
20120107 195153
20120107 192629
20120107 174143
20120107 172521
20120107 160506
20120107 155057
20120107 154353
20120107 153026
20120106 205805
20120106 203317
20120106 202508
20120106 185041
20120106 183920
20120106 183137
20120106 181904
20120106 170937
20120106 164230
20120106 161110
20120106 160043
20120106 153407
20120105 173309
20120105 172744
20120105 172543
20120105 171249
20120105 170031
20120105 152354
20120104 183742
20120104 174323
20120104 174254
20120104 174102
20120104 155049
20120104 153543
20120104 152337
20120104 135632
20120103 181246
20120102 224150
20120102 165035
20120101 154748
20120101 153817
20120101 133438
20111231 200208
20111231 195859
20111231 194114
20111231 193658
20111231 191315
20111231 190136
20111231 190020
20111231 184838
20111231 184505
20111231 145732
20111231 145202
20111231 022523
20111230 182846
20111230 175236
20111230 172347
20111016 190403
20111016 185834
20111015 215055
20111015 214526
20111015 213745
20111015 212625
20111015 212556
20111013 220643
20111013 214600
20111013 214122
20111013 181514
20111013 181442
20111013 175406
20111013 120139
20111013 115221
20111013 112701
20111013 112418
20111013 112151
20111013 111704
20111012 221250
20111012 221126
20111012 220500
20111012 215952
20111012 215228
20111012 133311
20111012 125554
20111012 124511
20111012 105447
20111012 105304
20111012 093508
20111011 121134
20111010 190037
20111010 171534
20111009 182130
20111009 172029
20111009 165705
20111008 180238
20111007 195652
20111007 190047
20111007 175420
20111007 130632
20111006 221124
20111006 200535
20111006 195434
20111006 121657
20111003 184040
20111002 161138
20111001 174559
20111001 173122
20111001 163324
20110928 164237
20110928 161725
20110928 155435
20110928 153101
20110928 142648
20110928 125753
20110927 175226
20110927 172009
20110927 165605
20110926 151849
20110925 194131
20110925 190359
20110923 122107
20110922 210002
20110922 205924
20110922 201403
20110922 200725
20110922 200031
20110922 195639
20110922 183900
20110922 145849
20110918 172419
20110912 135708
20110912 135346
20110912 134042
20110912 133704
20110912 132502
20110912 132223
20110912 131904
20110911 150806
20110911 144017
20110909 113403
20110909 112555
20110908 162533
20110908 162124
20110908 161243
20110908 153303
20110908 150841
20110908 115253
20110907 183803
20110907 111904
20110907 110209
20110907 103525
20110907 102714
20110907 101736
20110907 101257
20110906 185259
20110906 183446
20110906 174204
20110905 234342
20110905 233636
20110905 231402
20110905 230812
20110905 230801
20110905 221822
20110905 220749
20110904 214133
20110904 210522
20110904 204849
20110904 203448
20110904 194703
20110904 143518
20110903 213538
20110903 211839
20110903 200839
20110903 181723
20110903 163259
20110902 220744
20110902 215118
20110902 214406
20110902 214004
20110902 213158
20110902 211803
20110902 210751
20110902 205034
20110902 165750
20110902 163729
20110902 154922
20110902 153516
20110902 123519
20110831 141252
20110830 152303
20110830 151646
20110830 150851
20110821 185320
20110821 175122
20110729 222753
20110729 215804
20110727 215117
20110725 112934
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